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([personal profile] roseveare Aug. 13th, 2016 11:44 pm)
I went to see Ghostbusters. Life goes on, I guess. The little girl enthusing as we came out how she "really liked how it was all girls!" says it all about this movie. These are the kind of women I want to see films about. I liked Erin, personally, but I can see why the Holtzman love too. And Patty.

I've written 2,000 words on House of Mara #3 in the last few days, almost edited part 3 of A Toy Story, typed half of what I'd written of my Rare Pair fic, and poked at the unedited supposed fic for WIPbigbang. Things are moving again. I plan to go back to work on Monday, although with the various other things going on I'd still only be working three mornings that week, and four days the week after.

I am looking for groups and courses to join IRL. I'm 38, but I still spent so much of my time with my parents. They were my best friends and I'd always rather hang out with them than anyone. Various members of the groups I'm already in are coming through, inviting me for a bit more social contact. I also spent two hours sat at my sister's house, occasionally talking, but mostly working separately in companionable silence, this afternoon. Mum would've been astonished.

There's a 10 week WEA acting course for £70 locally, which would be an interesting tie-in with the voice stuff for the podfics, and not repeat things I already know the way the bazillion arts, crafts and writing courses out there would most probably do.

Ironically, I need to learn to drive. I'm not being stuck without being able to get out to the moors and the places I love. I can't do that soon enough.
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I liked Ghostbusters. It was fun and I got to see something in this that the original lacked: The 'Busters actually creating their equipment and testing it out. They already had things they needed to catch ghosts, but seeing the trials and tribulations would have been cool too.

I hear Melissa McCarthy was fired from her original sitcom Mike & Molly because she lost so much weight for the Ghostbusters role. I'm not sure if that was truth or just a rumor. If it was the truth that sucks. The producers of M&M should have written her weight loss into the show. I'm sure the fans would have approved of her change.

Hubby and I have only one car, mine. With his previous job he was taking the car on my days off during the winter and I'd be stuck at hone. I felt trapped without any way of getting around if I wanted to. Now he has a job downtown so he has to take the bus every day since there is no real parking down there unless you want to pay an astronomical fee for monthly parking... OUTSIDE where you have to scrape your own windows and there's no guarantee the car won't be broken into.


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