I'm posting the sequel and just noticed the original crack had never been posted on here. Well, here it is.

TITLE: Rage Bunny
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: ~6,700 words
SUMMARY: Nathan gets turned into something small and fluffy with floppy ears. Nathan is decidedly unhappy about this.
NOTES: Based on the Haven Herald Book Club (on Tumblr) prompt of "Your favourite turns into an animal due to a new Trouble, and must seek help from the other characters".

Rage Bunny )
TITLE: The Bunny Returns
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: ~9,000 words
SUMMARY: 'If cuddling something cute and fluffy could keep a lid on whatever this Trouble was... Sorry, but Nate was taking one for the team.' A small girl and an exploding woman prove a Troubled challenge while Nathan is still stuck as a hare.
NOTES: sequel to Rage Bunny. Thanks to Rabbitt for beta-reading. :D

The Bunny Returns )


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