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( Feb. 15th, 2016 08:47 pm)
Three and a half episodes into watching the new Agent Carter series, I had to stop the player to write 1500 words of Chief Daniel Sousa/Chief Jack Thompson telephone sex, because apparently this is where my brain is at and will not be moved from, so far as this series is concerned.

Having a very lazy afternoon because I spent all the weekend at the local music festival and basically haven't stopped or slept properly or really eaten properly between heading to work midday on Friday and coming back from work this afternoon, so I figured I'd catch up on some of the things I've saved to watch.

I haven't finished the telephone sex fic at 1500 words. No idea how long it's gonna be. They're being all bantery with each other. This does mark the first fic I've written spontaneously for the fandom, rather than for an exchange, though.


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