TITLE: The Future Is What You Make It
AUTHOR: roseveare
PAIRING: ~Dayna/Soolin
LENGTH: ~2,500 words
SUMMARY: "...It also can't be long now before they count up the bodies and review their security footage and realise they're missing two important ones."
"Not as important as Blake," Dayna said bitterly.
NOTES: Written for Raspberryheaven in My Old Fandom exchange 2016.
The mention of post Gauda Prime in the request it made me realise it had never occured to me to think about these two post Gauda Prime; I'd always assumed that like most of the cast, they didn't make it, so it had never been a possibility. Hence this fic decided out of nowhere that it was going to be about Soolin and Dayna surviving and how they might begin anew.

The Future Is What You Make It )

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TITLE: Ghost on a Wire
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: ~6,000 words
SUMMARY: Paul hears a click on the line, and a rasp, and a shiver travels down his spine. He knows he's connected to something else and other even before the hissing, desperate female voice slides through, crackling with the interference of the unimaginable spaces it had to cross to get to him:
"Help me... Help me... I think I'm dying..."
NOTES: Written for Tanaqui in My Old Fandom exchange 2016. See the end for notes on the source of the paranormal tale.

Ghost on a Wire )

Or read on AO3


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