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( Jul. 1st, 2016 12:23 pm)
I now have four demijohns bubbling in the cupboard: Dandelion, Oak Leaf, Hawthorn Flower, and Elderflower. They have the most wonderful colours and smells, and I don't know what people complain about with elderflower, it smelt a bit funny the first few days in the bowl but it smells amazing now.

I have almost four Haven fics on the verge of edit-ready, tackling the last few thousand words of Sea Change IV at the moment, and around 15k of it is already typed, so there's not an excess of typing to do. The others are Nexus (Jess Minion/Nathan psychaedelic wilderness porn), A Toy Story (Duke/Nathan, sequel to Pinocchio is Bleeding), and the fic that will probably be used for WIP Big Bang (because WIP Big Bang involves illustrations and I don't want one SC story illustrated when I have no intention of illustrating the rest), Kill Count, which is a gen casefile about Jordan and Nathan trapped inside a computer game.

3 of these are old stories, Nexus being one of the first I wrote in the fandom, and A Toy Story has been sat still awaiting typing for 2 years, and SC IV has been a wip for at least a year, so this is very much clearing headspace so it'll be easier to work on new things. There'll be another round of these in a few months, because I have a lot of half-finished, untyped, or unposted stuff.

The Everywoman exchange went live overnight and I got a lovely Allison Blake and Zoe Carter story about life in charge of Global Dynamics: A Typical Day in Eureka.

I am still not reading my friends list. Apologies to everyone who isn't involved in this.


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