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( Jul. 9th, 2016 10:03 am)
It's an amazing feeling when someone kudoses or bookmarks or comments on one of the 3x3 Eyes fics. I wish that fandom actually had a fandom. ♥

I have at least 3-4 other fics I never posted in it, because nobody reads in it. But when this happens I start thinking that maybe I should budge myself into tidying and posting those. Even the one set late in canon after where the official translation ends and where we're onto the territory of uncertain fan translation and me reading my books in French and Japanese. (Which is totally the most interesting one I wrote anyway. Yakumo + the angry and hostile human science team meant to fight demons, and not on board for the existence of friendly ones.) I absolutely have one somewhere about Yakumo and Pai fighting a dragon in Tokyo, that was almost edited to posting standard, just was never the strongest fic concept of the batch.

Writing: Agent Carter again, can't tell you the pairing. :) Trying to figure out that post-finale Nathan/William fic I've wanted to write since the Haven finale. Picking at the original superhero novel that came out of the Cape Haven AU.
Been sitting on this one a while because I'm thinking of writing more, but I feel I need something fun and distracting to post today.

Havenverse Random Prompt Generator

William Cross / Duke Crocker / terror

spoilers for the finale )
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( Jul. 9th, 2016 02:17 pm)
The NPT post has been removed as the issue has been resolved. I may post an expansion later, but have to go out now.


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