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( Jul. 17th, 2016 11:38 pm)
An improvement on yesterday, today I wrote 7,000+ of the fic exchange fic where I'd been thinking OH.FUCK about the assignment ever since I received it. I'm like, why did I offer this fandom? I've never even read any fic in this fandom... okay, so I've just watched every episode in this fandom, so I know it better than the things that are old fandom options that I haven't watched in forever that I subbed it in for on the signup, but.

And having written the fic, I checked out the other fic in the fandom and discovered that I seem to have written A Pairing That Does Not Exist. Or at least, the other single-digit number of fics out there are really short and really... predominantly non-con. Which, WTF, is not even remotely how I see the pairing -- I mean I like non-con and consent issues stuff but I don't see it as an intrinsic part of this pair -- what even is this, why?

I am staggered, staggered, because it's such a good pairing and such a strong/interesting/layered canon relationship, and okay, the show has a very strong canon het ship and the fandom seems het-based, but even so. I do not get it. Baffled.

I have one more other-fandom fic to write and then I'll be mainlining Haven again until Halloween, I think. I hope. Probably. I have a bunch of things I really want to write and just haven't had time to even approach, like the cap to the House of Mara series and post-finale fix-its. Agent Carter may get a look-in because Jack still has not suffered enough and I bought DVD documentaries on Iwo Jima to watch.


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