Title: Karma
Author: Miah_Arthur
Podficced by: roseveare
Rating: M for violence
Length: ~11,000 words/1h06mins (62MB)
Author's summary: It begins with an unusual apology. It expands in a way that only a Trouble can.
Author's note: Set between "Business as Usual" and "Sins of the Father" (On the assumption that there are a few weeks between those episodes, because I just can't buy into the crazily compressed timeline that just doesn't add up.)

Original text of work

Karma: 1hr06mins: mp3: 62MB
Download four single-chapter tracks and cover, zipped

Download/Streaming on mediafire:

Karma as one complete MP3 file

Karma in four chapters:

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4



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