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( Jul. 17th, 2016 11:38 pm)
An improvement on yesterday, today I wrote 7,000+ of the fic exchange fic where I'd been thinking OH.FUCK about the assignment ever since I received it. I'm like, why did I offer this fandom? I've never even read any fic in this fandom... okay, so I've just watched every episode in this fandom, so I know it better than the things that are old fandom options that I haven't watched in forever that I subbed it in for on the signup, but.

And having written the fic, I checked out the other fic in the fandom and discovered that I seem to have written A Pairing That Does Not Exist. Or at least, the other single-digit number of fics out there are really short and really... predominantly non-con. Which, WTF, is not even remotely how I see the pairing -- I mean I like non-con and consent issues stuff but I don't see it as an intrinsic part of this pair -- what even is this, why?

I am staggered, staggered, because it's such a good pairing and such a strong/interesting/layered canon relationship, and okay, the show has a very strong canon het ship and the fandom seems het-based, but even so. I do not get it. Baffled.

I have one more other-fandom fic to write and then I'll be mainlining Haven again until Halloween, I think. I hope. Probably. I have a bunch of things I really want to write and just haven't had time to even approach, like the cap to the House of Mara series and post-finale fix-its. Agent Carter may get a look-in because Jack still has not suffered enough and I bought DVD documentaries on Iwo Jima to watch.
TITLE: Great Stores, Great Choices
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: ~16,000 words approx
SUMMARY: Jack visits Daniel on the West Coast to check out the set-up of the new SSR office. But it's about to be a resoundingly bad day for both of them.
NOTES: Set between season 1 and season 2. Case fic with a heavy dose of Jack Thompson torture. Written for Redrikki for SSR Confidential 2016.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Great Stores, Great Choices )

Or read on AO3
Oh, thank goodness. I just wrote the fic for the fic exchange I was getting seriously worried I wasn't going to be able to do, as I'd foolishly signed up for a small-fandom ficathon in a fandom I hadn't written in for 10 years.

I am swamped in all the ficathons I signed up to at the moment, but I am getting there, I think, and should be out the other side very soon.

Meanwhile, on the plus side! SSRConfidential is live and I got a brilliant gift fic, a case story set after the end of season 2 that fixes that cliffhanger of an ending then goes on to deliver more !adventures!:

Sometimes When We Touch - Peggy/Jack/Daniel, Strange as it was to admit it, he liked being around Sousa. Carter, too. He couldn’t really pinpoint when it was that their bickering got less pointed and more good-natured or why, but it was nice, even if they were the only people in the SSR who would dare to talk back to him with enough insubordination that any boot camp drill instructor would have kicked their asses to Japan and back if they had been in the Marines.

The quality of the fic I've read so far is exceptionally high and you can find 35 new Agent Carter stories here:

Go read!
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( Feb. 15th, 2016 08:47 pm)
Three and a half episodes into watching the new Agent Carter series, I had to stop the player to write 1500 words of Chief Daniel Sousa/Chief Jack Thompson telephone sex, because apparently this is where my brain is at and will not be moved from, so far as this series is concerned.

Having a very lazy afternoon because I spent all the weekend at the local music festival and basically haven't stopped or slept properly or really eaten properly between heading to work midday on Friday and coming back from work this afternoon, so I figured I'd catch up on some of the things I've saved to watch.

I haven't finished the telephone sex fic at 1500 words. No idea how long it's gonna be. They're being all bantery with each other. This does mark the first fic I've written spontaneously for the fandom, rather than for an exchange, though.
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( Jan. 5th, 2016 07:40 pm)
2014 meme:
2013 meme:

Total Stories: 17
Total Het Stories: 2
Total Slash Stories: 6
Total Femslash Stories: 1
Total Three or Moresome Stories: 8
Total Gen Stories: 2
Total Fandoms Written In: 4 (Haven, Agent Carter, Blake's 7, The Champions)
Total Word Count: 397,000 words... at least, that's what a quick count gets. Holy fuck.

Title: Rage Bunny
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: gen
Summary: Nathan gets turned into something small and fluffy with floppy ears. Nathan is decidedly unhappy about this.

Title: Exchange of Views
Fandoms: The Champions
Pairings: Craig/Sharron/Richard ot3ish
Summary: Sharron, Craig and Richard have pooled their skills before, but when they're all isolated and in danger at the same time and no one has time to help the other(s), it triggers something none of them are anticipating.

Title: Seven Day Week
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Duke/Nathan
Summary: Duke has no memory beyond the last few days and seems to be existing in a life of hard labour he's fairly sure shouldn't be his life, but things aren't all bad -- not since falling in love with the likewise-amnesiac 111, of the blue eyes and compulsively helpful nature.

Title: Funerary Rites
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Audrey/Duke/Nathan OT3
Summary: The dead are walking in Haven again, variously a hindrance and a help. But the ghost in Audrey's head is called Mara and is steeped in ill intent.

Title: Redefinitions, or An Ode to Avoiding Commitment
Fandoms: Agent Carter
Pairings: Peggy/Jack/Sousa OT3
Summary: It begins because Jack’s an ass and Peggy needs a release and somehow it’s… easier… knowing that he’ll be an ass about it, to turn to him than anyone else...

Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Audrey/Duke/Nathan OT3
Summary: Steampunk!Haven. Amnesiac fugitive Audrey Parker hires privateer airship captain Duke Crocker's Cape Rouge to fly her safe passage out of the city-state of Heppa, but they find their escape pursued by police automaton Nathan Wuornos and a deadly mystery enemy.

Title: Fortress
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Audrey/Duke/Jennifer/Nathan OT4
Summary: "Not just one man, I find myself faced with a fortress. Four walls around you... Sooner or later I'm gonna blow those walls down." William sets about trying to take down Audrey's lovers one by one to win her back.

Title: 27 Years Bad Luck
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Audrey/Duke/Nathan ot3ish
Summary: "It's like one of those Star Trek episodes where everyone's suddenly evil and bi." Evil duplicates run amok in Haven, threatening the friendships between Audrey, Duke and Nathan.

Title: Troublemaker
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Nathan/William
Summary: Centuries ago, William and Mara were punished, separately, for their collective crimes. While Mara was exiled to the void, William was cursed to come back every 27 years, his gifts and identity subsumed beneath other personalities who would help undo the damage they had done. Until in 2010, Aaron Pallister collides with Nathan Wuornos...

Title: Control
Fandoms: Agent Carter
Pairings: Jack/Sousa
Summary: Agents Sousa and Thompson both fall afoul of one of Howard Stark's more lunatic inventions as SSR investigate the aftermath of the scene in the movie theatre. Slightly modified canon.

Title: Two Days//Twenty Years
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Duke/Nathan
Summary: Duke and Nathan's life together, twenty years on. AU from end season 4.

Title: House Divided
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Mara/Nathan/William, Audrey/Nathan, Duke/Jennifer
Summary: In which Nathan still has A Plan To Rescue Audrey, Duke wants to know if it's as lousy/suicidal as the last one, and Mara also has plans, too many of them to count. COMPLETE.

Title: The Choice
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Duke/Dwight, Duke/Nathan
Summary: Sleeping with the town fixer and the Chief's son was a sweet deal for Duke... until they both found out, along with the Chief and just about everyone else in Haven.

Title: Lightning Rod
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Jennifer/Nathan
Summary: "Consultant!" Jennifer darts her eyes at Nathan, nervously. Like Duke, right? "I'm a consultant?" Jennifer and Nathan are still reeling from the storm that hit their separate--potential--relationships yesterday, but now a much more literal storm approaches Haven, and it coincides with a Trouble that may rock the town to its foundations.

Title: Men Fear To Tread
Fandoms: Blake's 7
Pairings: Soolin/Dayna
Summary: Avon and Tarrant don't want to set foot on Navaru. Soolin and Dayna are happy to let them sit this one out.

Title: Trigger
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: gen, kinda Nathan/OMC, past Duke/Nathan
Summary: Pre-series. Garland and Nathan go out-of-town to investigate the case of a sadistic serial rapist, which may be linked to an old murder in Haven.

Title: Sky Haven
Fandoms: Haven
Pairings: Audrey/Jordan/Nathan
Summary: Audrey and Nathan are sorely missing the third component of their relationship when a reality-bending Trouble changes the fabric of the town itself. Can an alternate Jordan McKee help them fix Haven and themselves from hundreds of feet above the ground?


Favorite story of my own: Okay, so I was pasting in that list and already thinking that this year is all about House Divided and Trigger as far as I am concerned. I'm gonna say House Divided for this one because it was such a freakin' labour of love and effort and omfg. The whole breaking down masculinity thing? I enjoyed that. A lot. And fuck but it means a whole lot more after the ending the show gave us that I have my own universe where Nathan and Audrey saved Haven and stayed together, even if there was a cost, and Duke got a happy fucking ending.

My best story of the year: I'll call Trigger as more technically polished than House Divided, and for the original characters and the casefile.

My story most underappreciated by the universe: Lightning Rod. I love the Trouble, but hardly anyone is interested in the pairing and the fact that the major ships are all split up to bring it about.

My most fun story: Sky Haven and Clockwork tie! I honestly cannot make a decision between Haven being hung up in the air and Jordan with (artificial) wings, and Nathan as an automaton and the Cape Rouge as an airship under privateer captain Duke.

My sexiest story: Fortess is totally the smuttiest smutty thing, and it's four-way sex at that.

Story with single sexiest moment: I....... am rather fond of the smut in Seven Day Week when they're both trying to be top, and generally, the physicality in the fic ended up very raw and sensuous, and I loved writing it.

Story with single sweetest moment: I figure it's got to be in Two Days//Twenty Years.. Though the Garland and young!Nathan scene at the end of Trigger is very sweet in an anything-but-sweet fic.

Most unintentionally *telling* story: Two Days//Twenty Years takes its impetus from friends and relatives with chronic pain conditions, but it's not unintentional. Generally I don't do things that aren't at least aware, with subject matter? I think?

Holy crap that’s *wrong*: Probably most of House Divided, probably the *scale* of its wrongness depends on which corner of the fandom you ask. XD

Most disappointing story: I wanted to do so much more with the challenge fic that became Redefinitions, or an Ode to Avoiding Commitment but I ran out of time, although what I posted seems to have been reasonably well received.

Hardest to write: Probably Clockwork, in terms of sheer effort. It was relatively smooth until Part 3, in the latter half things got difficult. 27 Years Bad Luck wins most difficult to edit.

Easiest to write: Trigger wrote itself in a weekend away, Seven Day Week in a few days.

This year’s theme and the story that demonstrates that: A tie between polyamory and memory/identity. I'll go for Funerary Rites as representing both.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year? My biggest goal at the moment is to edit and post Unbreakable #3: Shattered.
This was the fic that involved much flailing from me and was mostly written on the archive in between the deadline and the exchange going live because I had another plan and a longer fic started that, well. *sigh* Maybe that will get written one day.

TITLE: Redefinitions, or An Ode to Avoiding Commitment
AUTHOR: roseveare
PAIRING: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson
SUMMARY: It begins because Jack’s an ass and Peggy needs a release and somehow it’s… easier… knowing that he’ll be an ass about it, to turn to him than anyone else...
NOTES: Written for within_a_dream in Fandom Growth Exchange 2015

Redefinitions, or An Ode to Avoiding Commitment )
Since such a thing seemed inexplicably not to exist, I made a thing:

LJ version shortly to follow. This particular fandom may be pretty young but let's prove fandom ain't dead on LJ/DW yet. Please join, post, and spread the word. I mean literally anything is a-ok as long as it's not dickish. Feel free to start kink memes and round robins and fic exchanges off it as a base or whatever you want.

Anyone wants to be more actively involved/design a layout/header, etc, let me know and I'll give you mod access. I nominated myself as the one to make it because it wasn't there.

It's incredibly odd that I can't find one, that other people can't fine one. It seems impossible that it not exist. I guess if something turns up after all I can always get rid of it, but what if everyone's holding off making one because they can't believe it either?
Um, okay, these went unanon earlier than I was expecting. So I wrote this. I have no particular idea where to post, this, so if anyone knows any communities that would be good.

I usually try not to divert from canon this much unless writing a specific AU, but I kind of screwed up, and by the time I realised it would have been impossible to disentangle the story before the deadline, so the background timeline is skewed. Still, sex pollen!

TITLE: Control
AUTHOR: roseveare
RATING: R/Mature
LENGTH: 6,050 words
SUMMARY: Agents Sousa and Thompson both fall afoul of one of Howard Stark's more lunatic inventions as SSR investigate the aftermath of the scene in the movie theatre. Slightly modified canon.
NOTES: Written for Paperclipbitch in M/M Rares 2015.
THANKS: to Rabbitt for beta-reading!
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Control )

Or read on AO3.


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