My Vid of Death is finished...

Final Song - Length: 3m13s, Size: 89.6MB, Format: MP4
Death in Haven, and all the little deaths in between.

Mediafire download:
So I distracted myself by finishing the vid:

Duke & Nathan - Lean on Me I Won’t Fall Over. 3.46mins, 46.49MB AVI

Duke Crocker is, of course, the responsible friend. (Warnings: self-harm, self-destrutive behaviour and death-seeking. Spoilers: up to 5x12.)

Download on Mediafire:

"We can't be Audrey and Nathan. Not anymore."

Here is my depressing Audrey/Nathan season 4 vid. This was meant to be a quick afternoon's vid snippet, not 8 months of endless tweaking. Clips up to 4.7. Music by Tom McRae with about 7 seconds snipped from a Chris deBurgh song. (!!!)

Downloads: Small 29MB WMV | 54MB WMV | AVI (52MB)

All That's Gone - Haven, Audrey/Nathan from roseveare on Vimeo.

I'll probably think of something else tomorrow, perhaps involving picspam, but spamming my LJ with re-posts of three fics, a vid, and the hastily put-together pic I put on Tumblr, basically all the Jordan I have at the ready, this is what I got right now.

The Sky is Falling - Nathan and Jordan in the aftermath of season 3. I can't remember if this was begun before Kate Kelton started appearing in promo stuff for season 4 and was a fix-it when it was written. LJ | DW | AO3

Stone Cold Killer - Written for a Troublesfest prompt, Jordan stepping up to save the day, with Dwight along for the ride. LJ | DW | AO3

While it's primarily an NC17 Duke/Nathan plot fic, Unbreakable also features Jordan saving the day with necessary back-up. LJ | DW | AO3

And a vid. Nathan/Jordan - Poison:

I'd love any comments anyone has!

Downloadable AVI:
Downloadable WMV:

Music is Poison by Alice Cooper
(because why not do the obvious, if it's also perfect and nobody else has yet?)

Long time since I've vidded, but the simply awesome premise of this manipulative relationship between a man who can't feel anything and a woman whose touch causes agony was apparently too much to resist.

I can't get the Vimeo upload to play properly, the music is out of sync. I have no idea what's going on there or if it's just this computer that's too old and slow, so in the meantime I've uploaded as an unlisted video on YouTube instead.

EDIT: Hell with it. I'm posting.


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