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( Sep. 4th, 2015 11:22 pm)
I never did the fic autopsy thing on House Divided, and it probably should have one. I mean, there's so much in it. But at the same time I'm not sure I can muster that many thoughts. Maybe podding it will help to do that. There's something there about emasculating traditional concepts of heroism, and tragedy and character flaw (and utilization of such, in the end, to create the solution, Troubles working with personality as they do), and lots of other overthinky crap, I'm sure. And villainy actually being villainy. Part 3 may prove to be ultimately a redemption story (I haven't started it yet). House is still firmly entrenched in the rage of a Mara who's been used by other people and had her agency stolen from her for hundreds of years. Which is a pretty big rage.

Speaking of which, I've been watching Dollhouse. I'm on episode 9. I am both appalled and fascinated. It has all the consent and agency issues that are a huge draw for me, but it makes me angry as fuck. Especially with the feeling that I'm supposed to root for characters who are perpetuating something so absolutely fucking horrible as the complete violation of not just bodies but personhood.

House Divided: Chapter 6 )

NOTE: This is later than planned. I realised I needed to edit all of the last chapters as a unit to make sure I had the continuity straight, which meant I had to get the last of my typing done. Hoping to post the last three sections Saturday-Sunday-Monday.
This is the other chapter to which most of the warnings apply (which isn't to say that the rest of the fic is all hugs and puppies). Halfway point. Image (reluctantly) behind cut because of vague nudity.

House Divided: Chapter 4 )
This morning I was asked what Nathan's Troubles are now, and thought a reminder was a good idea, so made a quick substitution of the art for this chapter, with apologies to Leonardo da Vinci!

House Divided: Chapter 2 )
Title: House Divided
Author: roseveare
Rating: Explicit
Length: Approx 70,000 words
Summary: In which Nathan still has A Plan To Rescue Audrey, Duke wants to know if it's as lousy/suicidal as the last one, and Mara also has plans, too many of them to count.
Relationships: Mara/Nathan/William, Audrey/Nathan, Duke/Jennifer
!Warnings: dubious consent, non-con.
Notes: Direct sequel to Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld, which has a podfic version if that makes the catchup easier. To recap, in Eurydice, Nathan agreed to accompany Mara to help bring William back from the void after the season 4 finale. During their adventures on the other side of the gate, Mara forced upon him repeated Troubles to help their quest and bind him to her. In the major incendiary moment of that story, Mara, upon finding William again, decided to keep Nathan and physically share him with William, and in the fallout they returned to Haven still bound together while Nathan's plan to trap them all in the void to keep Haven safe unravelled.
NOTES #2: This fic is being posted for wipbigbang on livejournal. It originally stalled last year at the end of Chapter 2, when I did not have time to finish it before season 5 started. I am hoping to post it complete, a chapter per day and then Chapter 8 plus the Epilogue on the final day, by July 29th, but there is a lot of editing to be done to meet that goal.
You can download a very large version of the title image here:


House Divided - Prologue )


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