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( Jul. 17th, 2016 11:38 pm)
An improvement on yesterday, today I wrote 7,000+ of the fic exchange fic where I'd been thinking OH.FUCK about the assignment ever since I received it. I'm like, why did I offer this fandom? I've never even read any fic in this fandom... okay, so I've just watched every episode in this fandom, so I know it better than the things that are old fandom options that I haven't watched in forever that I subbed it in for on the signup, but.

And having written the fic, I checked out the other fic in the fandom and discovered that I seem to have written A Pairing That Does Not Exist. Or at least, the other single-digit number of fics out there are really short and really... predominantly non-con. Which, WTF, is not even remotely how I see the pairing -- I mean I like non-con and consent issues stuff but I don't see it as an intrinsic part of this pair -- what even is this, why?

I am staggered, staggered, because it's such a good pairing and such a strong/interesting/layered canon relationship, and okay, the show has a very strong canon het ship and the fandom seems het-based, but even so. I do not get it. Baffled.

I have one more other-fandom fic to write and then I'll be mainlining Haven again until Halloween, I think. I hope. Probably. I have a bunch of things I really want to write and just haven't had time to even approach, like the cap to the House of Mara series and post-finale fix-its. Agent Carter may get a look-in because Jack still has not suffered enough and I bought DVD documentaries on Iwo Jima to watch.
TITLE: Great Stores, Great Choices
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: ~16,000 words approx
SUMMARY: Jack visits Daniel on the West Coast to check out the set-up of the new SSR office. But it's about to be a resoundingly bad day for both of them.
NOTES: Set between season 1 and season 2. Case fic with a heavy dose of Jack Thompson torture. Written for Redrikki for SSR Confidential 2016.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Great Stores, Great Choices )

Or read on AO3
This was the fic that involved much flailing from me and was mostly written on the archive in between the deadline and the exchange going live because I had another plan and a longer fic started that, well. *sigh* Maybe that will get written one day.

TITLE: Redefinitions, or An Ode to Avoiding Commitment
AUTHOR: roseveare
PAIRING: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson
SUMMARY: It begins because Jack’s an ass and Peggy needs a release and somehow it’s… easier… knowing that he’ll be an ass about it, to turn to him than anyone else...
NOTES: Written for within_a_dream in Fandom Growth Exchange 2015

Redefinitions, or An Ode to Avoiding Commitment )
Um, okay, these went unanon earlier than I was expecting. So I wrote this. I have no particular idea where to post, this, so if anyone knows any communities that would be good.

I usually try not to divert from canon this much unless writing a specific AU, but I kind of screwed up, and by the time I realised it would have been impossible to disentangle the story before the deadline, so the background timeline is skewed. Still, sex pollen!

TITLE: Control
AUTHOR: roseveare
RATING: R/Mature
LENGTH: 6,050 words
SUMMARY: Agents Sousa and Thompson both fall afoul of one of Howard Stark's more lunatic inventions as SSR investigate the aftermath of the scene in the movie theatre. Slightly modified canon.
NOTES: Written for Paperclipbitch in M/M Rares 2015.
THANKS: to Rabbitt for beta-reading!
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Control )

Or read on AO3.


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