Summary: Decision time for Nathan and Duke -- and Audrey -- to try to map out a future for Haven... and themselves.

Notes: This is the last part, and since there is a definitive conclusion here, bear in mind that I am drawing the threads to a close while ignoring a good deal of the solutions that were suggested in season 5 canon, the first draft of the story having been written before those reveals. In a way, it's academic whether much of the information revealed in season 5 is true or not in this 'verse, because Nathan and Duke and co. don't have that knowledge and can only speculate in the absence of it.

Duke/Nathan - Explicit - 17,500 words

Part 4: Remains )

Or read on AO3
Summary: After everything that has happened, with William and Audrey temporarily removed from the equation, Nathan and Duke have a brief window to try and fix their relationship, while Dwight and Nathan and HPD try to fix Haven, and figure out where they all go from here.

Duke/Nathan - explicit - ~28,000 words

Part 3: Three Days Grace )

Or read on AO3
Summary: Nathan tries, using outside help, to determine the exact sequence of events that led to Duke killing him in the cave.

Duke/Nathan - Explicit - ~8,000 words

Shattered, Part 2: The Lost Week )

Or read on AO3
Loosing this into the wild is a terrifying prospect. Should hopefully be posted complete in time for the last part to be uploaded for this Friday's Nuke Night on Tumblr.

TITLE: Shattered
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: 73,000 words approx.
SUMMARY: Nathan has been clawing his way back to life since he returned to Haven. Dying might just give him the push he needs to get there. Duke/Nathan.
WARNINGS: references to violent sex, dubious-to-non-consent, death, deliberate injury, blood, addiction, mindfuck, trauma.
NOTES: Unbreakable #3. Canon compliant only up to season 4's Fallout, incorporating an alternate take on the season 4 plot arc but nipping season 5 elements in the bud. Novel-length, in four parts.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Part 1: The Death of Nathan Wuornos )

Or read on AO3
I wrote about 3 fics for halfamoon on Tumblr. This is the only one I've brushed up for AO3 and FFN, but I'll post the others here too in the next day or so.

TITLE: Climbing Mount Haven
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: ~5,000 words
SUMMARY: Lexie, Jennifer and Jordan embark on a journey to the police station which Haven's geography conspires to make far more epic than usual.
NOTES: AU divergence set after Countdown. Written for the halfamoon female characters challenge, day #6 - hurt/comfort. I was quite taken by the idea of trying to write a story with hurt/comfort tones using an all-female cast.

Climbing Mount Haven )
My Vid of Death is finished...

Final Song - Length: 3m13s, Size: 89.6MB, Format: MP4
Death in Haven, and all the little deaths in between.

Mediafire download:

Happy February 14th. Jordan McKee and Jordan/Nathan embody how I feel about this day of the year the best...

Valentines movie of choice: The Loved Ones.
TITLE: Sky Haven
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: 18,000 words
SUMMARY: Audrey and Nathan are sorely missing the third component of their relationship when a reality-bending Trouble changes the fabric of the town itself. Can an alternate Jordan McKee help them fix Haven and themselves from hundreds of feet above the ground?
NOTES: Written for Kerithwyn in Holly_poly 2014.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda yadda yadda.

Sky Haven )
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( Dec. 18th, 2014 07:49 pm)

The Doyle ficlet is a little longer than anticipated and hopefully will be posted sometime in the next few days. In the meantime, [personal profile] miah_arthur prompted me to illustrate a scene from The Naked Truth.

I'm gonna say this is not finished, because I think the perspective's screwed up and it's really missing the hairy naturist guy and, from Nathan and Jordan's expressions, really ought to be the moment the press are coming toward them. So I think I'm gonna add Rick Rudyers marching a bunch of the press to the foreground, and set Dwight and the rest of the press a bit further back. Maybe. Eeek, complicated.

I had fun drawing Dwight, Jordan and Nathan... Indeedy. Less so the masses of figures for the press, but I really like drawing naked people. Should do some smut sometime. Duke/Nathan smut. It need to happen.

Re this particular fic there's a really good reason this is set when it is and has Jordan, Dwight and Nathan as the investigating Troubles team, even though I think a lot of people kind of look at it and are all "eh, but there's no Duke". But the thing is, Audrey and Duke are confident about their bodies, and Nathan and Jordan are the ones with all the body issues, and Jordan and Dwight are the ones who would definitely notice that the clothes are gone above and beyond the naked-embarrassment issue that the Trouble circumvents. So yeah, this could not have been a Audrey, Duke, Nathan fic, in that way, not for me.

Plus, I really like the idea of the Troubles Team B consisting of Dwight, Jordan and mopey!rugged!Nathan at the start of season 4. I want to write more fics with that trio.

Incidentally, there are two reporters from a women's magazine in the centre who are having the time of their lives here.
TITLE: Cape Haven
AUTHOR: Roseveare
LENGTH: 18,000 words
SUMMARY: Nathan Wuornos used to be a superhero. Now he's Police Chief of the little Maine town of Haven. But in the face of worrying statistics and a growing amount of trouble, he may need to don a costume again to lead a new team of heroes if he's going to make a difference. Ensemble, super-team AU, first person POV, UST between almost any 'ships you care to name, mostly gen.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.
NOTES: Crack AU that has been simmering in my brain since... well, not long after I watched my first episode of Haven, actually. What can I say? I had fun.
NOTES #2: Significantly influenced by the style of the novel Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman. Which you should all read, because it's awesome.

Cape Haven )
TITLE: Risen
AUTHOR: Roseveare
LENGTH: 29,000 words
SUMMARY: When Jordan turns up dead with Duke's brother suspected, the deal struck for Nathan's life with the Guard and his relationship with Duke are put under strain. But then it seems Jordan isn't going to take death lying down...
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.
NOTES: Sequel to Unbreakable, five episodes/a few weeks down the line post 4.6. This is essentially a remix of the mid-season arc with Jordan and Wade, because in my world Jordan's not gone, dammit, and I wanted grief and soul-searching from the boys after that screw-up, dammit, and nothing about canon Wade-as-serial-killer made sense (dammit).
NOTES #2: This is the middle installment of a trilogy, and I ask that people bear with the issues that remain unresolved in it, because a lot of things are building to be addressed in the third and final story.
WARNINGS: Accidental dubious consent, because Duke and Nathan are idiots. Some gore and violence.
THANKS: To Kattahj, Miah_Arthur and rheasilvia for beta input.

Risen )

Or read on AO3

[NC-17, warnings for female—>male noncon, torture, violence, character death] You don’t always get what you want. Jordan kills Nathan, over and over again.

Streaming on mediafire:

1. Three Day Record (Unbroken)
2. Christmas Present to Self, December 25th 2010
3. At The Barn Door
4. The Day We Never Met
5. Happy Ever After (Until the Next Time)

Zip file of complete podfic + cover

Runs just shy of 60 minutes in 5 separate MP3 tracks.

Link to original text story on AO3

So I podficced my rage!fic. The non-con and torture warnings apply only to Thing 1. These are five self-contained stories. Chapters are separate, labelled tracks and it should be easy to skip it.
TITLE: Redemption of Killers and Rogues
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: 11,500 words
SUMMARY: Jordan survives Wade Crocker's descent into madness. Now she has to live with what she set in motion. Jordan/Wade, Jordan & Duke.
WARNINGS: Rape, violence.
NOTES: Anti-deathfic. Still not a nice fic. I have aggressive thoughts about the symbolic rape of that knife going in and female characters who only get to be 'redeemed' in victimhood and death.
THANKS: To Kattahj and Miah_Arthur for beta-reading.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Redemption of Killers and Rogues )
I do believe I forgot to post this one, which would explain why it has so few hits on AO3.

TITLE: Body Guard
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: ~5000 words
SUMMARY: Things will never be simple for Jordan. Five(ish) times she saves Nathan's life.
NOTES: Companion fic and balance to Five Times Jordan McKee Killed Nathan Wuornos. Set after 4.2 Survivors. It’s possible this could lead-in to 4.3 or be canon-divergent depending on interpretation.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda yadda yadda.

Body Guard )

Or read on AO3
OK, so I haven't properly posted this fic here or LJ or yet. It's here on AO3: Bodyguard (M rated, Jordan/Nathan, five times she saves his life) and if you're inclined to read it you should probably read it before the rest of this post. I'll post properly tomorrow when I can wrap my brain around it.

fic autopsy - Body Guard )

In other news, I have horrible horrible allergy because I was tidying at home and knocked a shower of dust from a lightshade down over my head. Ugh. *sniff*
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( Mar. 15th, 2014 03:12 pm)
Well, that took 6 days.

16-17,000 words of Haven Superhero AU lunacy completed since Monday.

Now I just need to type the thing and make it make sense.

This could be an episodic series. I've only written up to the point that the team is formed.

I know it's silly because you can't have it all the time, but I miss it when writing doesn't work like this. The previous fic took a month.
Audiofic, dudes. Or is it podfic now? Sriously, it's been years since I posted one of these. It's all different, lol.

TITLE: Haven - The Naked Truth
AUTHOR: roseveare
READER: roseveare
LENGTH: 36min 36s
SUMMARY: The day started off lousy at the point Jordan realised she was naked in the middle of the grocery store. It went downhill from there.
NOTES: Early season 4. There's so much nudity in my Haven fic, I figured I'd write a fic about nudity. My only excuse is I'd just finished writing a very dark fic and felt the need for total crack.
RECORDING NOTES: In honour of Haven Ladies Week on Tumblr. Not in great voice today (freakin' allergies) but that can't be helped.

Mediafire download/streaming:
'Scuse me while I get obsessive. I'm going to index bloody Tumblr, particularly my own posts, and I'm going to use DW/LJ to do it, because I'm beyond tired of never being able to find anything on there again without a half-hour+ search.

Tumblr index - original image posts gifs/edits )

Tumblr index - fic links )

This is what happens when I am stuck with a computer and not much else I can do for the afternoon. Newer stuff is to the top cuz I'm working backwards. (I was simply trying to get the hang of the gifs early on, but took a break from it to practice image sets in general before returning to the more time consuming animated gifs.) I might try to index the reblogs I want to find again sometime, but this computer has worked hard enough already today, poor thing.
From here on [profile] haven_fic. Main meme page here.

AUTHOR: Roseveare
RATING: NC-17ish
LENGTH: ~2200 words
SUMMARY: Jordan is tired of Audrey shooting her hurt looks when she and Nathan are together. There's only one way to fix this with everyone winning. Jordan/Audrey/Nathan.
NOTES: Very slightly amended from previous version. Meme fic, which I'm gonna pretend that the reason I'm brushing up and reposting isn't purely so I can bring the tag 'Audrey Parker/Jordan McKee/Nathan Wuornos' into AO3 existence.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Fix )

*flail* I wanted to write this threesome at more length but I can't seem to hit a plotline for it that inspires me.


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