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( May. 9th, 2017 05:33 pm)
I just dumped Exit Visa From Fantasyland* into a single file to get a wordcount and it is 110,000 words, which may not be even an average novel to Stephen King, but seems a fairly hefty tome to me.

The elusive Chapter 6 finally got typed (bearing in mind this was written for NaNo 2012) around mid April but I'm just too distracted lately and never properly paid attention to the fact or printed it out. BUT if I can get this thing edited, I have complete drafts of books 2 and 3 as well and partials of 4-6, and I can start to think about trying to get this series published in some form or other.

The kind people who offered to help me edit, I have not forgotten and will be in touch.

*"The Gwyd and Irene thing"
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( Mar. 15th, 2017 09:57 pm)
I just finished reading a Dick Francis thriller called Trial Run (found a box of them in the wardrobe while moving from my flat, so have been having a grand re-read), interesting more on account of the main character Randall Drew wearing glasses than anything else, since the plot is dealing with Russian spy stuff and a bit removed out of the author's regular strengths and has never been a favourite. But it did occur to me that Gwydion in the original humour/fantasy stuff I've written might be rarer than I'd previously thought on account of his specs, which is an odd thought. I don't think about wearing glasses much. They get kind of invisible, I've had them since I was a kid. So I've never particularly thought of them as a point of identification or umbrage. But Harry Potter aside there's not that many heroic/main characters that wear specs all the time. They tend to ditch them when they get their badass on.

In Trial Run they kind of play the same role as Jonah Dereham's dislocating shoulder in Knock Down or Sid Halley's electric hand -- the reason the character can't ride in races anymore and you know at some point that they'll come a cropper through everything going horribly wrong with their aid. So yeah, the glasses get taken and obligatory sequence where the hero can't see. Plus bad guys making a bee-line for the glasses in any fights.

Book 6 that I started writing for NaNo and still haven't finished yet, this could become more of a point with Gwyd than it had been previously. Gwydion being dead most of the time, his clothes and accoutrements are normally as unreal as his physical form is, after all. Resurrected again it becomes something to explore. Though I'd rather avoid the typical ohnoes!-hero-lost-his-glasses-can't-see! stuff.

I honestly can't remember after all the years I've been picking at this series what made the decision that he wore specs. He just seemed to belong with little gold-rimmed spectacles, I think, part and parcel of the image of the character that landed in my head. Might be a trace there of deceptive appearances because he was supposed to look very much not like his ancestral role as protector of the realm and mystical WMD.

Quick update since last time: I moved house, I went on holiday, stuff continues to happen. Haven't had time (or perhaps more accurately energy, really) to be online much. Maybe I'll do a better catch-up post at the weekend instead of just rambling about fictional heroes with specs. Random rambling.
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( Dec. 16th, 2014 06:53 pm)

Finished colour version of the line drawing from the other day. Backwards hand now fixed. ;)

Sometime soon I'm going to remember how much fun Gwydion is to write, as the guy who looks like a geek, but is always spoiling to punch someone, and go back to writing this.

I have an audio somewhere of a short story. I'll hunt that down and link here.
[personal profile] anonymous_sibyl: Have you ever drawn anything based on the series of original fantasy novels you've written? I'd love to see that sometime in December.

This is just the line, hence 15.1, and it's very rough. I'm not sure I'll be online tomorrow, and if I'm not I'll post the colour/cleaned up version on Tuesday.

Hm, okay, these are my OCs, Gwydion and Irene. Bear in mind I usually draw from people whose faces I'm familiar with and not making up from scratch.

Gwydion I kind of think should be wearing his coat so that may change. Gwydion is a beanpole who wears grandfather clothes and is unlikely to gain any semblance of style now, because he's dead/undead and anything he wears at all is only the memory of his living form at work. That's also why he's just looked away and stopped concentrating on holding the book and it's fallen through his hand. I was going to give him an armful of weapons to be dropping all over the place too, but that was proving difficult.

Irene is in business clothes (so this is early on in the 'verse, although she's always going to dress a little buttoned down) and holding her phone well clear of Gwydion (who jinxes technology). Irene's very scraped-back and severe, but at the end of the day really doesn't care to excess about neatness, and that hair that's escaping is pretty much always going to be escaping. Of course she has noticed he's dropping the book in time to catch it. Her hand is, however, backwards: I told you this was rough.

Neither of them are ever going to be icons of style or start smiling and posing cutely. Pulling faces and making sarcastic jibes at each other, more like. But it's love nonetheless. They're pretty much like a married couple from the end of volume 1 onwards.


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