Title: Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld
Written & Read by: roseveare
Rating: R
Details: 2hrs 49mins, 395MB, MP3
Summary: Mara and Nathan search for William on the other side of the gate.
Warnings: Consent issues are a major theme. Post-season 4 written prior to season 5, so this is an AU interpretation of Mara.
Link to work text: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2146272

Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld - complete file streaming and download on mediafire

Split into 5 files for ease of listening/downloading:
Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

I'll upload a zip file at the weekend if I have chance. I'm too exhausted right now to even post about the carry-on that was today. For now just please listen to the nice audio. A ridiculous amount of work went into it.
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( Apr. 25th, 2015 09:05 am)
Just to remind myself about the WIP post of doom. WHich I have updated, although the bodyguard AU I started writing isn't on it.

Does it look bad that I mostly podfic my own stories? I want to make them accessible. My mum doesn't read -- she's dyslexic, but that's a recent finding to explain something that's been going on forever -- so for years I've read my original stuff onto recordings for her. And I really enjoy the reading process for revisiting the enthusiasm of writing those stories and the different kind of creativity and the sort of acting component, even if my voice isn't the best in the world. And it's like, I have to REALLY know the story well to do it. So my own stuff is my first choice. That or perhaps something I've beta'd that I know really well and love, which at the moment, means Miah's work: I did Karma and so far that's my only non-self-podfic. I have long-time had permission to podfic Viola's Percy Weasley: Rogue Demon Hunter, which I did not beta, but falls into the small collection of "fics I love unreasonably", and I might actually do that soon, now that I'm getting better quality readings and recordings at last. I have tried twice before a few years ago and never been satisfied enough with the result, given it's someone else's fic I'm subjecting to this treatment.

At the moment, I'm doing my own stuff. Eurydice is already on Audacity half-done. I am considering Nathan Wuornos' WInter Vacation and Squared as further short pieces, and I want to do Unbreakable.

I would like to do more works by others, but I think that I work better with fics that have an action and tension component which isn't strictly romantic. And there are less fics like that around in general. ALso I'm really wary of asking for permission then not being able to pull it off, and don't want to podfic first and ask for permission later because too much assuming.

Title: Winter's Flotsam
Written & Read by: roseveare
Rating: R
Details: 52 minutes, 120MB, MP3
Summary: It's been a hard winter for Nathan and Dwight, and they're both a little worn at the edges. But maybe the wear and tear can bring them closer.
Link to work text: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2225817

Winter's Flotsam - Streaming and download on mediafire

Notes: So I wanted to get at least one more thing posted for [community profile] amplificathon and yet Eurydice is a monster of a project I am not sure I'll edit in time. Thus, I decided to record another shorter fic. I opted for this one because I was in somewhat husky voice the other day, and I thought that for a Nathan and Dwight podfic that was something that might actually not hurt. This is the first time I've ever podficced a sex scene of any length, so that was interesting.

Randomly, I don't think I ever extrapolated on this point at the time I posted the fic, but winter's flotsam is -- my idea of what it is, anyway, is -- the debris that's left behind when the ice and snow covering the ground finally melts after a long winter. So now you know.

Body Parts: 1hr26mins28s: mp3: 200MB

Download/Streaming on mediafire:

Body Parts as one complete MP3 file

In two separate parts: Body Parts 1 (51:22 mins, 117MB) | Body Parts 2 (35:10 mins, 80.4MB)

Two parts zipped with cover included (185MB)

Original text of work

Cover was put together pretty quickly when I realised I needed one, but I think it's okay.

[community profile] amplificathon scoring: (10+10)x5 = 100
Somethingincorporeal on Tumblr recorded podfic of Travelling Incognito!:


I'm so excited! It's strange but exciting-good-strange hear someone else reading it. I think this is the first time someone else has recorded one of my stories.

This does remind me that I was going to do some podficcing myself for amplificathon.

On the LJ side of things, I haven't been around because livejournal isn't really working for me at the moment. It's not letting me answer comments and it's doing really weird things when I try to post. So we shall see if this crosspost goes through, and sorry about that...

Title: Karma
Author: Miah_Arthur
Podficced by: roseveare
Rating: M for violence
Length: ~11,000 words/1h06mins (62MB)
Author's summary: It begins with an unusual apology. It expands in a way that only a Trouble can.
Author's note: Set between "Business as Usual" and "Sins of the Father" (On the assumption that there are a few weeks between those episodes, because I just can't buy into the crazily compressed timeline that just doesn't add up.)

Original text of work

Karma: 1hr06mins: mp3: 62MB
Download four single-chapter tracks and cover, zipped

Download/Streaming on mediafire:

Karma as one complete MP3 file

Karma in four chapters:

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4



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