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( Mar. 15th, 2017 09:57 pm)
I just finished reading a Dick Francis thriller called Trial Run (found a box of them in the wardrobe while moving from my flat, so have been having a grand re-read), interesting more on account of the main character Randall Drew wearing glasses than anything else, since the plot is dealing with Russian spy stuff and a bit removed out of the author's regular strengths and has never been a favourite. But it did occur to me that Gwydion in the original humour/fantasy stuff I've written might be rarer than I'd previously thought on account of his specs, which is an odd thought. I don't think about wearing glasses much. They get kind of invisible, I've had them since I was a kid. So I've never particularly thought of them as a point of identification or umbrage. But Harry Potter aside there's not that many heroic/main characters that wear specs all the time. They tend to ditch them when they get their badass on.

In Trial Run they kind of play the same role as Jonah Dereham's dislocating shoulder in Knock Down or Sid Halley's electric hand -- the reason the character can't ride in races anymore and you know at some point that they'll come a cropper through everything going horribly wrong with their aid. So yeah, the glasses get taken and obligatory sequence where the hero can't see. Plus bad guys making a bee-line for the glasses in any fights.

Book 6 that I started writing for NaNo and still haven't finished yet, this could become more of a point with Gwyd than it had been previously. Gwydion being dead most of the time, his clothes and accoutrements are normally as unreal as his physical form is, after all. Resurrected again it becomes something to explore. Though I'd rather avoid the typical ohnoes!-hero-lost-his-glasses-can't-see! stuff.

I honestly can't remember after all the years I've been picking at this series what made the decision that he wore specs. He just seemed to belong with little gold-rimmed spectacles, I think, part and parcel of the image of the character that landed in my head. Might be a trace there of deceptive appearances because he was supposed to look very much not like his ancestral role as protector of the realm and mystical WMD.

Quick update since last time: I moved house, I went on holiday, stuff continues to happen. Haven't had time (or perhaps more accurately energy, really) to be online much. Maybe I'll do a better catch-up post at the weekend instead of just rambling about fictional heroes with specs. Random rambling.
Spent most of yesterday post-driving lesson being majorly pissed off about said lesson and instructor. Woke up still feeling pissed off. JFC, with everything else that is going on in my life, I don't need this to be a source of shit as well.

She spent ten minutes at the start telling me about her personal circumstances -- she's pregnant and looking to finish working by February -- and trying to ditch me, basically. She's already declaring I won't be ready by then, after THREE lessons, and trying to push the idea that I should switch to her replacement she's arranging sooner rather than later. I thought later made more sense, since then I could get all the basics down first rather than interrupt things when I'm just getting familiar with them.

Retrospectively I'm pretty sure she wants rid now and just doesn't want to teach me. I'm pretty sure it makes no sense to push switching at the current time for my sake.

So, ten minutes wasted already. She drove us to a very nearby estate, not like the places that have been a good ten minutes out on previous occasions. She has always included this time, and the time to do her notes at the end, in the hour that I'm paying for.

We went through the processes of turning corners and junctions in her book, which took a few more minutes. More than was necessary, tbh, because she insists on me echoing back basic fucking obvious information and treating me like a child rather than someone with a competent intellect. Then we put in some time doing turns. Went fine.

Then, she stops me EIGHTEEN minutes before the end of the hour, and says we're going back. We haven't done junctions yet, which we covered at the start of the lesson in the book. I am very much wtf what is happening and puzzled about this and although I don't say anything, I would think visibly surprised that we are wrapping up now.

It takes ~5 minutes or less to drive back to my place, where she sits to do her little dissection in her workbook, which consists as always of telling me where I was shit at things in the same breath as sideways comments on my confidence and suggesting in various ways that I'm a slow learner. All of which she sits and waits for me to agree with before she'll move the discussion onward, in a way that really winds me up.

I said that I didn't feel I did very much this week, compared to say last week. I questioned why we hadn't done junctions. She gets all defensive and starts going on about too many cars being parked by the side of the road, so that I'd find it difficult at my level of skill. In various back and forth she comes out with something about "well, we can drive on the big roads next week if you like" -- which is blatant taunting/mockery knowing that I don't want to do that, aren't ready to do that, and is clearly only meant for me to have to say no and take me down a peg. Then despite having said that the reason we didn't do junctions was a physical one, she leaves off on "well, we can only progress as quickly as you can learn" -- yet AGAIN giving me sideways shit about calling me slow.

Cue me spending the rest of the day in a rage because I'm paying £24/hour to someone who doesn't give me an hour of their time -- probably about 45 minutes this week, if it hadn't been for the Great Debate -- and mostly returns that in belittlements while simultaneously implying that my lack of confidence is the biggest problem.

I'm pretty much at the conclusion she wants rid of me and wants me to go to her replacement. And for me? Fine, she's won. This is bullshit. I'm sick and tired of her. The actual physical instruction part while I'm driving, I'm very comfortable with and loath to switch, but it's not worth it for the shit I get in the dissection of the lesson at the end, her lack of support and confidence and respect for me, and the fact that she isn't even giving me the fucking hour I'm paying for.
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( Sep. 30th, 2016 10:38 pm)
Pleased to have managed to finish a story for the darkfic exchange. Still needs an edit, and it'll never be the best thing I've written, but I think it's passable and interesting and even if it took a month to write less than 10k, at least I'm writing again. Troubled Tales next.

Also pleased with 3rd driving lesson, wherein I practiced gear changes and steering along the country roads a few miles outide town where I've ridden my bike in the past. Next week I am promised junctions and corners in the housing estate.

I've probably managed to freeze enough fruit to make two batches of wine, though it's less than I'd hoped for and it's starting to feel very much like the tail end of the season now. At least it's something. Maybe I can still manage to grab some hawthorns as well, or get enough rhubarb from the allotment to try that. Still need to bottle 2 of the batches of flower wines from spring.
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( Aug. 13th, 2016 11:44 pm)
I went to see Ghostbusters. Life goes on, I guess. The little girl enthusing as we came out how she "really liked how it was all girls!" says it all about this movie. These are the kind of women I want to see films about. I liked Erin, personally, but I can see why the Holtzman love too. And Patty.

I've written 2,000 words on House of Mara #3 in the last few days, almost edited part 3 of A Toy Story, typed half of what I'd written of my Rare Pair fic, and poked at the unedited supposed fic for WIPbigbang. Things are moving again. I plan to go back to work on Monday, although with the various other things going on I'd still only be working three mornings that week, and four days the week after.

I am looking for groups and courses to join IRL. I'm 38, but I still spent so much of my time with my parents. They were my best friends and I'd always rather hang out with them than anyone. Various members of the groups I'm already in are coming through, inviting me for a bit more social contact. I also spent two hours sat at my sister's house, occasionally talking, but mostly working separately in companionable silence, this afternoon. Mum would've been astonished.

There's a 10 week WEA acting course for £70 locally, which would be an interesting tie-in with the voice stuff for the podfics, and not repeat things I already know the way the bazillion arts, crafts and writing courses out there would most probably do.

Ironically, I need to learn to drive. I'm not being stuck without being able to get out to the moors and the places I love. I can't do that soon enough.
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( May. 16th, 2015 12:44 pm)
This week has been fairly interesting/busy in terms of RL. Random Project of the Week started when I was at the allotment on Sunday and swearing about the sheer amount of dandelions growing there, which prompted me to declare that if they were going to grow there anyway, they were going to get eaten just like everything else. Hence snap decision to take up home brewing and now there is a demijohn of dandelion wine fermenting in my kitchen. But boy, that was a LOT of work.

Can't remember which day it was but at some point I actually looked up setting up a ficathon on AO3 and kind of decided "okay, I'm doing this thing" and after much, much tweaking and hashing out of rules and tagsets now that is already live and going ahead.

I decided to go to the local hippyish wildcrafts camp that I've kind of been aware of the last three years and signed up as staff so I don't have to pay anything. I'll be doing a kitchen shift each day. But at 4 1/2 hours a shift it'll still be less work than the retreat that I helped to run by doing all the cooking pretty much by myself. So next week I will be camping from about Wednesday onwards until the following Thursday. It's pretty close, so I will probably be able to hop on the bus back home to check the internet for any Troubled Tales related queries and messages.

The seriously killer backache that's been plaguing me for the last 4 weeks is almost gone. Hopefully it will be gone before I have to sleep in a tent and not get immediately aggravated to come back again (although I'm sure I'll have plenty of other aches after a few nights sleeping in a tent).

Yesterday I wrote 6000 words on the last chapter of Clockwork and I'm really psyched that I can finish it before I go away. I want to take a printout of House Divided's draft-so-far with me along with a new notebook. Clockwork's notebook will NOT be camping. No way am I risking 30k of untyped draft on getting lost or damaged in a week in a tent.

I also sent a letter to my aunt, who is unwell, with random jewelry and pompoms and cheer-up things in the envelope, for which I was charged extortionately for first class postage at the post office.

But hey, at least the satisfaction of actually wrapping my head around DOING things that I'd said I'd do.

Because right now? Period started last night, and I can't go to the allotment as I'd planned because doing that on the first day was what brought on the killer backache last time. I owe betas and there are a million other things I need to be doing, finishing stuff off and writing Clockwork and typing the partial draft of House, or just plain tidying my damn kitchen which got demolished by the winemaking project. But I downloaded nearly all 10 seasons of Ghost Adventures on my parents' broadband the last few days and right now all I want to do is marathon Zak Bagans being Loud and chasing ghosts. I am a sad, sad human being.
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( Feb. 10th, 2015 03:03 pm)
From [personal profile] anonymous_sibyl: Meme for the “Experienced” Side of Tumblr

1. How many jobs have you had, and which was your favorite? 5? 6? One of them lasted three weeks. One of them got transferred to a different location/organisation where it kinda feels like a different job. I like where I am now. They don't like us to broadcast who we work for on the internet, but it's in healthcare admin.

2. When did you first connect to other people via computers? At uni, 1996.

3. Were/are you on AOL? Compuserve? LJ? Dreamwidth? A Listserv? Other? My fandom used to be yahoo lists, followed by livejournal.

4. If you went to college, does your major match your career/current job? Not in the least.

5. Have you had a mammogram? Colonoscopy? No.

6. When did you get your first cell phone? What was it like? (Did it have a screen? Could you text? Was it a brick or flip?) I've only had two. I used the first until it broke. Then I bought the cheapeset replacement possible with a flip top and intend to use that the same. It's a phone. It's for brief phone calls and arrangement type texts and that's it. Guessing it was about 8-9 years ago I got the first one? I am hugely resistant to intrusive technology that means people expect me to communicate with them no matter where I am and what I'm doing.

7, When did your family first acquire a color TV? It was late, we had no money. I remember watching Doctor Who episodes in black and white that were definitely made in colour. And also snooker, hah. I think I was about 8-9. 1986-7?

8. When did your family acquire a second TV? ??????????????Around 1990-92 possibly we bought a new TV and VCR and the old tv got stuck in a back room?

9. Did you ever own “designer jeans”? No.

10. Have you ever been to a disco? Before I was old enough to drink. We did still call them that in high school, but it might be regional.

11. How many places (towns, states, countries) have you lived in? I've lived in every county of Yorkshire plus Lancashire and Nottinghamshire. 7 towns??

12. Have any of you contemporary friends died? (I.e., people more or less you age.) I don't think so.

13. Are you parents still living? Yes. Morbid questions much?

14. Do you have any gray hairs? Actually, no. :P I keep thinking I spot the odd one but it's not definite yet.

15. Did you or your family own a Betamax? No.

16. How did you spend New Year’s Eve 1999/2000? With my family.

17. What’s the oldest article of clothing you still wear? I still have a cashmere coat that was bought for my birthday about 20 years ago.

18. Do you eat your vegetables? That's my main diet.

19. Are the privileges of adulthood worth the responsibilities? I loathed being a teenager. Also, what responsibilities? (Kidding. Or not...)

20. Do you feel like an adult? Yes? I don't know that that has to mean what a lot of people seem to think it means. It doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of fun. Or stop watching cartoons. Or roller-skating. Or anything else you want to do. Don't take life so serious just because you have to be ultimately responsible for yourself.

21. Is youth wasted on the young? Like anonymous_sibyl said. I challenge the assumptions of the question.
Anyone into Daredevil at all on my flist? My epic_rec last week was a DD crossover, and I ended up reading the fic (an old favourite) again, which led to me watching the director's cut of the movie again, which leads to me now having a re-read of the comics for the first time in a while. (And I'm doing a catch-up on the recent TPBs, having ordered them from the library system, because too expensive and too little space left in my flat for more than the one shelf unit full of US sized comics. Definitely something to be said for manga's more compact sizes.)

So something along these lines just moseyed by on tumblr and reminded me of something someone else said the other week that made me wtf, and do you know -- I really can't understand this fake fangirl business. Or why someone would get wound up to the extend of paranoia about being accused of not being a good enough/proper/real fan, because of, presumably, bullshit started by nerdboys who aren't comfortable with nerdgirls on their turf. If you fan in different ways to the guys who have to have every issue then arrange their collection with OCD accuracy and know the contents of every issue to quote numbers off the top of their heads (or equivalent examples), who cares? That's a passive type of fannishness anyway, compared to a female-dominated community that uses fandom to create.

I just-- who gives a shit? Really? Why should anyone else's version of fannishness impact you? I was in the sci-fi soc at uni, I was on the committee with the rest of the total headcases* ;) and sunk to legendary depths of geekness and alcohol abuse with 6-12 guys in a bar til midnight followed by someone-who-had-a-tv's room til 3am on a regular basis. I wasn't interested in the conversations they had about types of spaceships, they weren't interested in my fanfiction about Julian Bashir, but we still watched the same stuff together.

And if I didn't care at 19, then as a 37 year old woman I can't think of anything I could care about less than whether the fanboys think that my version of fannishness is "good enough"... or care to accept that they're the ones who set the bar for that anyway. (So if anyone else ever thinks I'm playing the I'm-a-better-fan-than-you game for any reason, I'm not. For the record. I wouldn't even be thinking about it.)

* Because it occured to me someone's bound to go there, saying I was one of the nutters (this committee was actually notorious) does not mean I'm saying I was more hardcore fannish than anyone who was not. Just stop it, 'kay?
The steampunk AUfic is turning out to be kind of a monster, given that I'm 4 chapters and around 20k in, and it feels like it's just really finished the beginning stages. I'm guessing 40-60k.

It seems to be something that will really work episodically. I'm wondering (ironically) if I should start posting this in rough chapter by chapter on Tumblr, and probably here as well, but Tumblr is where the 'Haven AU' game started and lives, so it makes sense to put it there as a priority -- and then as I tidy up properly put it on AO3 and ffn edited and beta-read chapter by chapter as it's sorted.

Given how I am with WIPs, though, I don't know if I should be nearer completing before starting to post any parts of it.

We have a little bit of snow here. Yesterday I went to work in my trainers, and changed shoes when I got there, only to discover the trainers have big holes in the heels as I was setting out back (now propped up with cardboard). That's the two pairs of shoes most likely to be of use in snow/ice that have gone in the space of a few days. And while I've bought replacements, I haven't worn them in yet. I may well end up wearing trainers with cardboard in the soles for another week.

I have to go out to a leaving do for someone at work tonight. Given I'm still walking there, too, I have to figure out what on earth I'll put on my feet.
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( Jan. 26th, 2015 10:17 pm)
Went straight to the allotment after work, where half the windows that we'd propped up against the fence yesterday had blown down in the wind, so had to move all the windows into the shed in nervousness of the forecast worsening weather. And then some digging. And I split my boot! Dammit. I am never buying Sketchers boots again. Lasted less than 9 months, I think I got them in May. The soles have been going for the past 6, even, and would have worn through if I hadn't stuck segs in them. Waste of so much money. Okay, I don't usually wear them for the allotment, just for kicking around, but still. It wasn't as if I did a lot of heavy work, I was only there about half an hour.

I walk 3-4 miles a day by default when I'm not on a specific walking bender. I kill shoes. Just kill them.

Got back (via parents' house to pick up old walking boots stashed there for tomorrow afternoon), made a quiche again for packed lunches this week because that was nifty last week (sweet potato, red onion & goats cheese today) and then typed 5500 words, which was the second chapter of the steampunk thing.

Still determinedly walking to the seafront every day this week to attune to the sea, so I did that then. At just after 10pm, I've just got back and had a late dinner and finally stopped.

Since I'm hefting windows up a hill into a skip tomorrow afternoon, I doubt tomorrow is going to be much more relaxing.

Funny thing is that I don't feel particularly tired.
Spent the afternoon carrying windows up a large, muddy hill to the spot at the top where we could actually park the car. I think this goes down among "things which gardeners/allotmenters do that sane people wouldn't". Snaffling windows from people who have huge piles of them going to waste that they're getting ready to skip.

Coldframes! We're going to make coldframes! We have enough window for about three, two at the allotment and one small one in my yard. The windows for the latter are beautiful, they have lead panelling on them. They're smaller than the rest, I'm going to make some kind of little greenhouse construction.

Hoping for decent weather on Tuesday now as I promised to go back and help get the rest of the piles into the skip by way of thanks.
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( Oct. 30th, 2014 12:24 am)
I am so exhausted this week. I've been having eye problems, and finally went to the optician. So now I have drops for the eye I'd been having the most problems with, which apparently has a dysfunctional tear duct, and a referral for a corneal lesion in the other damn eye, which comes as a complete surprise. I still don't think I've caught up on sleep after being up so late to get the first part of Ghost Town up by the deadline, and I'm kind of posting part 2 and hoping for the best, because I still have part 3 to sort out and I'd been telling myself I'd have this posted for Friday. I still haven't even written the final scene of the story. But there may not be smut. It doesn't feel like a natural progression the way Comfortably Numb demanded to illustrate how the three of them were going to work it out in bed. And I'm really not in a smut writing mood. Maybe I'll write a separate PWP for them in this particular AU.

Anyway, it sucks trying to edit a 30k+ fic when your eyes are playing up. The drops are doing something though. I was fishing grit out of my eye this morning.

I've also had a sore throat, and the gargle stuff I use to keep down the recurring throat infection that I've been getting on and off for years, that's the only thing that really properly works? Manufacturing problems. Dammit.

Not sure how I'm going to get the cartoon finished on time this week. But I've already made a start on it and it's simpler than the last few.

[Anyway, yeah, what I started out this post going to say and forgot to say. All the things I haven't done like answering comments and email and whatever else, can be put down to this. Excuse my fail this week. *flails hopelessly*]
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( Oct. 15th, 2014 07:58 pm)
I fixed the cold frame. I don't know if I've mentioned this thing on here before but it was made entirely by hand by me, about 18 months ago, out of wood taken from a skip and a few metres of transparent plastic off a roll. Anyway, the lid tore a month or so ago and the temporary fix with tape blew to tatters in high winds the other week. So I have now in the interests of keeping my more delicate plants alive over the winter spent an hour or two out in the cold but moderately dry -- I've been waiting for a dry day to do this since it bust -- getting covered in spiders and attacked by next door's thorn bush which is encroaching over the fence at head height, and I've fixed it.

Yay. Go me. *collapses in a pathetic huddle now*
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( Jul. 19th, 2014 11:24 pm)

There are like half a dozen police cars/vans in the street outside my flat, and masses of police and people shouting at the police.

There's a pub about 50 yards down and across the road that sometimes often has bother, but there's never been anything on this scale before.

...I think it's quieting up now as I type, but whoa.
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( Jun. 27th, 2014 09:13 pm)
I just got a quarterly electric bill for £285.

Candles. I'm gonna start using candles. And playing my own music for entertainment, I have enough freakin' musical instruments lying about the flat. And this internet thing? .........

(It's got to be an error. I live in a one-floor small flat with no heating, and my plug-in heaters ain't been on since march, and it isn't like I have a mass of gadgets. This is ridiculous. It's usually about £100 a quarter.)

I'm serious about the candles. No. Well, it probably is about time I cut back a bit. But the bill's still way out wrong.
Okay, so apparently I fail intensely hard when it comes to this meme. In any case! Three days ago (on the solstice) I was supposed to talk about Pagan festivals (including the solstice). [personal profile] justhuman prompted: What's pagan holiday do you feel most connected to and how do you observe/celebrate?

Firstly, in brief, the 8 Pagan Festivals or the Wheel of the Year features two groups of four festivals interspersed evenly throughout the year. Four are dependent on the relationship of the Earth to the sun, the solstices and equinoxes, and in between those are four farming year festivals linked to life on the land and significant changes in the seasons (Imbolc, Beltane [May Day], Lughnasadh, and Samhuinn [Halloween]). They all have a very different feel and a different setting, as we are experiencing the passage of time throughout the year and the seasons in a much more conscious way by observing these days and marking the year out in this fashion. I kind of dig this hugely from the perspective that modern life is "Christmas Christmas Christmas!" and I think this makes the year horribly uneven. So it's a healthier way of looking at the world and registering the passage of time. Connecting with different cycles at work in the world. It makes you stop and look.

First thing I'd have to admit is that it can be fiendishly difficult to actually mark these days considering I'm living among everyone else who doesn't, and I can book them off work and plan to do something and then family stuff happens and other arrangements happen and I end up not being able to do very much at all. For eg, my extended family decided to take over the winter solstice just gone and make that day the big family get-together over in Leeds. The day after, my parents decided I was hosting for them to come over. So while I called that a Solstice celebration meal, I still haven't actually done anything else due to general exhaustion.

I do go to a local pagan moot where sometimes we decide to do things together. Last Imbolc that was a candlelit vigil where we took turns throughout the night, and I'll probably do something like that again for the one coming up in a month's time, whether the group scrapes something together on it or not (we're a disorganised bunch), because that was quite an intense experience and it really felt right to do it.

Solo, I'd have to say that the holiday I feel most connected to is Lughnasadh. Partially this has probably developed because I usually have my own time and space to actually observe it at that time of year. It's probably the most cheerful time of the year for me and this marks the harvest and the summer. I don't work with many pagan deities - or however you may want to name or visualise them - but Lugh is one of the major two I do, so I also feel more involved in this festival on that account.

My usual method of observing the day is to bake bread with honey and oats if I have time, or otherwise take some other offering and go spend some time outdoors under the sun and climb up to a high place. There's an ancient beacon hill just outside the town where I live which has a spectacular atmosphere. (Then I come home and eat the rest of the bread. Mmm.)
So here I'm trying to search for Haven fanfiction that isn't on or AO3, and it seems it's become quite difficult to find fanfiction that isn't on those sites (or livejournal, I guess, because it's usually connected to the communities). I don't know if it's because it's not there and people just don't post to their own websites anymore or if I've got out of the habit of looking and google never shows those things anywhere near the beginning of the pages when you do search. But I remember zipping around different fic archives and personal websites after fic and that... doesn't seem to happen anymore. Is it me failing to find things, because I've got lazy and don't have so much internet time anymore, or have things really got so much more centralized?

(It would be really nice to have a Haven fic archive that wasn't just the sections on AO3 and

In the same sort of vein, I've been nattering to [profile] kattahj the last few days about how I don't get Twitter (or Tumblr), they both seem kind of bizarre and difficult to follow and I don't understand how they work and have never signed up to either. And this is for much the same reason I'm probably a bit out of touch with ficdom, because I don't have the internet at home and in fact deliberately restrict how much time I spend on the internet by NOT having it at home. Because if it's there, I'm on it, and nothing else gets done -- and I did that for a few years, then consciously moved house and did not get the internet with the determination that I would Do Things that didn't involve spending my entire life sat at the computer. Which has worked, but the time that I have now is not really enough to keep up with everything the way I used to, 6, 7 years ago.

Then there are new things which come along, and I don't sign up to them, because I don't have the time for that. But I'm really wondering if I'm starting to get a bit lost behind it all, as people I've been in touch with move on to other mediums for fannish communication and in terms of the technology and platforms I'm still basically where I was at 6-7 years ago, when I decided I wouldn't get the internet in the new flat and would restrict myself to a couple of hours four or five days a week just to check email, download fic and stuff to read/watch/listen to at home, and check livejournal.

Plus it's not really enough time to get into epic discussions and swapping comments, and generally not at hours of the day conducive to chat (which I've gotten out of the habit of at all), and by the time I go back to threads they can be days old, so it's a bit isolating at the speed of things in internet-land. Especially since I'm not staggering communicative a fairly large percentage of the time anyway. I mean, I still read my flist. Most people probably haven't had a comment from me in over a year, if ever, and probably barely remember the last time they saw me post, since certainly for a while it averaged less than once a month.

Just musing...
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( Jul. 1st, 2013 07:02 pm)
I have survived the weekend catering for between 11 and 14 people at a retreat. I was probably fortunate in that the numbers could have been over twice that since we did have some drop out, and everything actually managed to go okay, although I would say that that was probably the most stressed I've been in quite a while. If we do it again, hopefully things won't be quite so stressful now that I have an idea of portions and what will go down well.

Today has been 'get back home and quietly collapse' day. Well, I got back yesterday evening. So very glad I'd booked today off work.

One neat find of the weekend is that my spare drum can apparently be used as a 'singing drum' and how to do this.

Now I am researching Canadian forests for the Jess/Nathan supernatural sexathon Haven fic, so yeah, normality resumes...

(Speaking of Haven fic, last week I penned the 'Duke and Nathan get tortured' fic, so it looks like I am just going to go through the tropes one by one for this fandom, or something.)
Oh, wow. Now I've just noticed that my last post was April 1st, which is a bad mark in my efforts to try keep this thing updated.

I seem to have inherited an allotment, which there was supposed to be three of us working on and is in someone else's name, but certainly for this season it doesn't seem as it anyone else is going to be able to spend a material amount of time up there. So... that accounts for a reasonable chunk of where my spare time is going at the moment.

I am also still writing Haven fanfiction, mostly in my chill-time first thing on a morning and last thing at night. I have, what, 5 finished fics and 2 WIPs? *tries to remember* 3 WIPS, maybe, but one's only just started, one's halfway through, and one's very nearly finished. And a couple of further plot ideas. Okay, so I guess this is another fandom that's officially eaten my brain.

rundown of Haven fics & WIPs )

That's about it. Won't go into the ones that aren't substantially written yet, although there's a Nathan/Jess and possibly more Nathan and Duke in there. You will notice that the common thread is Nathan, though I'm perfectly happy writing any and all permutations of fics that involve him.

Waiting for other Haven fen on my flist to own up! :D C'mon, this show has to have more fans around...?
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( Jan. 10th, 2013 10:07 pm)
Had a power-cut last night from around 11pm to midnight. From less than halfway down the long main street that I live on to as far as I could see into town. It never ceases to amaze me how little people seem to care or pay attention because once again, I was the only one out with a torch to investigate why the lights had gone out... same case with the earthquake late at night some years back. Heh. (Although at that time, I seriously thought a lamppost had fallen and hit the block, because it was a wildly windy night that that happened on.)

Anyway, yeah. Candles for half an hour or so, until I couldn't be bothered anymore and went to sleep. Then all the power came back and everyone's alarms blared out for about 15 minutes, so I woke up again at that point.

The weird thing is I was sat attempting to meditate and mainly dozing off just before the power went down. I had the strong impression of a voice or perhaps just a very clear thought saying "it's going to go dark", then I opened my eyes and a moment later all the lights went out.


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