TITLE: The Future Is What You Make It
AUTHOR: roseveare
PAIRING: ~Dayna/Soolin
LENGTH: ~2,500 words
SUMMARY: "...It also can't be long now before they count up the bodies and review their security footage and realise they're missing two important ones."
"Not as important as Blake," Dayna said bitterly.
NOTES: Written for Raspberryheaven in My Old Fandom exchange 2016.
The mention of post Gauda Prime in the request it made me realise it had never occured to me to think about these two post Gauda Prime; I'd always assumed that like most of the cast, they didn't make it, so it had never been a possibility. Hence this fic decided out of nowhere that it was going to be about Soolin and Dayna surviving and how they might begin anew.

The Future Is What You Make It )

Or read on AO3
Since these posted unanoned this morning, I guess I'm okay to post this here. Or you can Read on AO3.

TITLE: Men Fear to Tread...
AUTHOR: roseveare
RATING: mild R/mature
LENGTH: 7,700 words
SUMMARY: Avon and Tarrant don't want to set foot on Navaru. Soolin and Dayna are happy to let them sit this one out.
NOTES: Written for Tish as part of the Everywoman fic exchange.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Men Fear to Tread... )

Blake's 7 was my first fandom, back from when I was 14 and there were actual paper zines and fandom hadn't really come online yet, but I've never written (and posted) it before. This feels a little strange.


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