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I completed 50k for NaNoWriMo for the first time since I think 2013 (which was a Haven fanfiction that's still not edited and posted). I now have a good half of Book 6 of my fantasy series, the last installment of the series this story was always meant to be. Still need to complete the actual novel over the next month or two. I've also been working on typing the chunk out of Book 1 that was never typed from 2012. I might actually manage to do something with this thing yet. Yes, it's the thing with Gwydion and Irene. I just checked the dates on the old files and I can't believe I've been writing this since at least 2005.

Fandom has kind of suffered in the last few months due to lack of time and writing focus on original. I have a lot of Haven drafts still to edit and post, plus an FMA story, plus the old handful of 3x3 Eyes and Jake 2.0 stories I never sorted out. I dislike leaving things unfinished. If anyone's interested in beta-reading and prodding me into getting something sorted, I'd love to send a draft your way. The Haven stuff is Sea Change IV, a Nathan/OMC + Nathan/Duke fic, a gen with Nathan and Jordan trapped in a video game on opposite sides of a shoot-'em-up, the a-world-without-Audrey-Parker novel from 2013's nano, and a gen AU about Nathan and Lexie where they meet on the road instead of in Haven.

[I also have Nexus, which has been beta-read, but which I'm still staring at contemplatively wondering whether to rewrite and issue as some form of epub self-published original erotic pagan fantasy. It's het, though, counter to most of the folks I know who've self-published. But it's so removed from Haven it's basically an original work with Nathan Wuornos stuck in the middle of it as it is. Biggest obstacle is Nathan's Trouble. He'd probably have to be reworked as suffering from some CIPA variant. Which is interesting in itself.]

Likewise if anyone is interested in reading the original stuff. I'm thinking I won't post to the original fic journal again, since it didn't get much response back when it was fresh, and that was years ago now.

I've got vast amounts of RL stuff to sort out, which I'm mostly sorting out alone, which includes dealing with a big old house that desperately needs some care and maintenance, and winter isn't helping with the damp/cold related issues. I'm upkeeping two homes at the moment, and need to get everything moved from the flat to the house within the next 2-3 months. I'm also doing more non-photoshop artwork lately, since mum left a ton of art equipment.
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