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( Aug. 20th, 2017 10:59 am)
Okay, so here's where I am, writing-wise. I'm on chapter 4 (of 7) adding the edits from the paper printout to Lost County, Book 1 of the original fantasy series. I'm planning on going on from that to edit #2 Carnshire's Most Haunted and #3 Chaos Theory and get working readable versions with stable continuity so that I can approach publishers with all 3 initially and say THIS IS A 6 BOOK SERIES. Because I'm not interested if I can't get them published as a block with the possibility of adding more in the future. I'd rather self publish and keep my own control over the work.

Meanwhile I'm also working on #4 which is the interlinked short stories, hoping to work on the opening story in the next few weeks, and I'm planning to work on one or two novellas from that for this year's NaNoWriMo (depending how long they turn out). I'm also still picking at #6 which was last year's NaNo, and will probably attempt to finish that one as well by the end of the year. That leaves me with #5 which has about 60k written but may not yet be halfway through, and hopefully that won't be too difficult to pull together with the rest already complete, but we'll see.

No idea what this means for the fanfiction, some of which I have completed or partial drafts of and may intermittently post or work on if the impulse takes me. Things have not really settled down yet, even though it's now been over a year. I'm kind of feeling it as this being the time to get the original stuff out there, else it might never happen. Book 1 especially has a technology-dependent plotline and actually the last decade has kind of aged into the premise of the story more with the advance of interconnected technology and WiFi, I think, rather than dated it since I first started writing. But I don't want to leave it too much longer and risk it looking out of date by the time it's published.

I'm really hoping I can finally be getting somewhere with this in the early half of next year. Fingers crossed.
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( Aug. 14th, 2017 11:49 pm)
I... may actually be close to having an edited version of Book 1 of the original fantasy series that tracks as a novel.
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( May. 9th, 2017 05:33 pm)
I just dumped Exit Visa From Fantasyland* into a single file to get a wordcount and it is 110,000 words, which may not be even an average novel to Stephen King, but seems a fairly hefty tome to me.

The elusive Chapter 6 finally got typed (bearing in mind this was written for NaNo 2012) around mid April but I'm just too distracted lately and never properly paid attention to the fact or printed it out. BUT if I can get this thing edited, I have complete drafts of books 2 and 3 as well and partials of 4-6, and I can start to think about trying to get this series published in some form or other.

The kind people who offered to help me edit, I have not forgotten and will be in touch.

*"The Gwyd and Irene thing"
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( May. 9th, 2017 08:23 am)
Finished editing the beta draft of a fic yesterday (Magic Mark & the Deal). Hoping to post at the weekend. Maybe I'll soon get around to the other things I keep saying I'll do.

Thinking of getting a cat to keep me company in this big empty house. A friend at work is pushing to find homes for a batch of mucky-black-grey kittens.
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( May. 7th, 2017 10:33 am)
Pondering the fics I have on the to-edit pile and in drafts at the moment. I haven't, at this point, finished a story in about 6 months. Both the ones I wrote at the end of last year were coloured by my RL situation. I do wonder how obvious it was that White Noise was about my depression at losing everyone at once, although I also really like that fic and found writing it very comforting. But the other one was dross because I was supposed to be writing something non-miserable, and everything I write in the immediate future is going to be coloured by the same things. It isn't going to hurt the original novel about death and resurrection of my main character (though that's still untouched since Nano) and it's not going to hurt House of Mara #3, which I've picked at in recent weeks, but there were things I'd planned to do that were intended to be more cheerful and I don't know when I'll be in a place where it's possible to reach that kind of tone again in writing. In fact, it might be better to go the cathartic route as in White Noise and get to some darker places if I decide to write, and ditch planned ideas for the time being.

At the moment, though, nothing much is happening at all. I think the next move is to try and edit something to post, but it's only a case of picking at it in tiny bursts, right now, because my concentration and impetus are shot. Getting back into fandom would probably be better for me than not, though, given the amount of time I'm spending alone.

In practice, I'm equally likely to start something like massive podfic readings of things I never planned to podfic (Great Stores, Great Choices, case in point) and then abandon it, instead of focusing. Argh. Nothing's really working at the moment; the family I have left are busy being dysfunctional and deliberately isolating themselves, my social options seem to cost money that I need to be saving to spend on a house that needs roof repairs and a new central heating system. I've started spending a lot of time reading fiction books again, which I hadn't really done for a few years now, but I'm not altogether sure that it's healthy in the context, above fandom pursuits which at least have the interactive element. Though it doesn't really help that LJ's fandom component seems to have combusted.

Meh, I say. Meh.
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( May. 6th, 2017 11:57 pm)
So even though the only part of the trilogy that had any fandom response of note was the final movie, AO3 have decided to change Once Upon a Time in Mexico fandom/OUATIM, which was known by that acronym for a REALLY LONG DAMN TIME, to 'El Mariachi trilogy' so that it will be that much harder for anyone to ever find it.

I cannot be the only person who thinks the decisions made on this archive are increasingly fucked in the head and counter to the interests of the fandoms concerned.
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( Mar. 19th, 2017 10:31 am)
Just fixed a bloody stupid error toward the end of Risen two and a half years on from posting the damn fic, where Wade's knife disappeared/got ignored completely by Nathan when he dropped it in the naked-fight-in-the-shower scene. Hate finding these gaffs.
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( Mar. 15th, 2017 09:57 pm)
I just finished reading a Dick Francis thriller called Trial Run (found a box of them in the wardrobe while moving from my flat, so have been having a grand re-read), interesting more on account of the main character Randall Drew wearing glasses than anything else, since the plot is dealing with Russian spy stuff and a bit removed out of the author's regular strengths and has never been a favourite. But it did occur to me that Gwydion in the original humour/fantasy stuff I've written might be rarer than I'd previously thought on account of his specs, which is an odd thought. I don't think about wearing glasses much. They get kind of invisible, I've had them since I was a kid. So I've never particularly thought of them as a point of identification or umbrage. But Harry Potter aside there's not that many heroic/main characters that wear specs all the time. They tend to ditch them when they get their badass on.

In Trial Run they kind of play the same role as Jonah Dereham's dislocating shoulder in Knock Down or Sid Halley's electric hand -- the reason the character can't ride in races anymore and you know at some point that they'll come a cropper through everything going horribly wrong with their aid. So yeah, the glasses get taken and obligatory sequence where the hero can't see. Plus bad guys making a bee-line for the glasses in any fights.

Book 6 that I started writing for NaNo and still haven't finished yet, this could become more of a point with Gwyd than it had been previously. Gwydion being dead most of the time, his clothes and accoutrements are normally as unreal as his physical form is, after all. Resurrected again it becomes something to explore. Though I'd rather avoid the typical ohnoes!-hero-lost-his-glasses-can't-see! stuff.

I honestly can't remember after all the years I've been picking at this series what made the decision that he wore specs. He just seemed to belong with little gold-rimmed spectacles, I think, part and parcel of the image of the character that landed in my head. Might be a trace there of deceptive appearances because he was supposed to look very much not like his ancestral role as protector of the realm and mystical WMD.

Quick update since last time: I moved house, I went on holiday, stuff continues to happen. Haven't had time (or perhaps more accurately energy, really) to be online much. Maybe I'll do a better catch-up post at the weekend instead of just rambling about fictional heroes with specs. Random rambling.
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( Dec. 4th, 2016 09:28 am)
I completed 50k for NaNoWriMo for the first time since I think 2013 (which was a Haven fanfiction that's still not edited and posted). I now have a good half of Book 6 of my fantasy series, the last installment of the series this story was always meant to be. Still need to complete the actual novel over the next month or two. I've also been working on typing the chunk out of Book 1 that was never typed from 2012. I might actually manage to do something with this thing yet. Yes, it's the thing with Gwydion and Irene. I just checked the dates on the old files and I can't believe I've been writing this since at least 2005.

Fandom has kind of suffered in the last few months due to lack of time and writing focus on original. I have a lot of Haven drafts still to edit and post, plus an FMA story, plus the old handful of 3x3 Eyes and Jake 2.0 stories I never sorted out. I dislike leaving things unfinished. If anyone's interested in beta-reading and prodding me into getting something sorted, I'd love to send a draft your way. The Haven stuff is Sea Change IV, a Nathan/OMC + Nathan/Duke fic, a gen with Nathan and Jordan trapped in a video game on opposite sides of a shoot-'em-up, the a-world-without-Audrey-Parker novel from 2013's nano, and a gen AU about Nathan and Lexie where they meet on the road instead of in Haven.

[I also have Nexus, which has been beta-read, but which I'm still staring at contemplatively wondering whether to rewrite and issue as some form of epub self-published original erotic pagan fantasy. It's het, though, counter to most of the folks I know who've self-published. But it's so removed from Haven it's basically an original work with Nathan Wuornos stuck in the middle of it as it is. Biggest obstacle is Nathan's Trouble. He'd probably have to be reworked as suffering from some CIPA variant. Which is interesting in itself.]

Likewise if anyone is interested in reading the original stuff. I'm thinking I won't post to the original fic journal again, since it didn't get much response back when it was fresh, and that was years ago now.

I've got vast amounts of RL stuff to sort out, which I'm mostly sorting out alone, which includes dealing with a big old house that desperately needs some care and maintenance, and winter isn't helping with the damp/cold related issues. I'm upkeeping two homes at the moment, and need to get everything moved from the flat to the house within the next 2-3 months. I'm also doing more non-photoshop artwork lately, since mum left a ton of art equipment.
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( Nov. 1st, 2016 08:06 pm)
5000 words on NaNo this afternoon! Fingers crossed things continue this way...
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( Nov. 1st, 2016 10:41 am)
I don't know if I'm too depressed to write, or just too busy to find time, but I might be too depressed to write well, or to write happy. Trying to summon positivity to inject into the Troubled Tales fic was hard. I'm going to at least attempt to do NaNoWriMo, though. Original fiction, Gwydion's resurrection-and-revenge story that was always supposed to close the series. I think I'm in the mental place for some fucked-up-ness in my usually lighter, comedic fantasyverse.

I went to a Halloween party the other day dressed as a ghostbuster. Currently wrestling a bit with Samhuinn, given the recent events of my life. Off work this week, to give myself chance to approach NaNo, which also means I'll have more time alone and more time to think than I've had since my family died.

I've done a fair bit of drawing (non-fandom stuff) recently that I might put up here, I'm not sure. But I've not had a terrific amount of time for that, either. A lot of time has been consumed by practicalities and survival.

The Troubled Tales 2016 Haven fanfiction exchange collection is live!

(Names revealed early, because I opened the collection on my phone at a Halloween party last night and something appears to have Gone Amiss, even if 'anonymous' is still checked on the archive and so I am not sure... how... It must be a Trouble.)
I'm still concerned about my ability to write any more in my life's current climate, because this fic ended up being a channel for quite a lot of feelings. But nonetheless, it's a reasonable length fic and the first thing I've written since the accident, so yay?

TITLE: White Noise
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: 9,000 words approx
SUMMARY: "This place," Duke said, hands fidgeting on the wheel as he drove them down toward the flat intertidal whiteness, paled from the salt and sun exposure. "There's something about this place, now. I like lonely areas, but this is giving me the creeps."
"Me, too." Audrey shifted at Nathan's side. "Nathan."
"Don't like it much," Nathan mumbled.
"You are weird today."
NOTES: Written for the darkfic exchange for Phoenixdragon, the prompt being "existential horror". I couldn't resist giving this one a shot, though I'm not sure if I'll have hit the target or not for such a grand esoteric concept. I was intrigued by the idea of a horror or darkfic where the primary motifs are open spaces and brightness.

White Noise )

Or read on AO3
Spent most of yesterday post-driving lesson being majorly pissed off about said lesson and instructor. Woke up still feeling pissed off. JFC, with everything else that is going on in my life, I don't need this to be a source of shit as well.

She spent ten minutes at the start telling me about her personal circumstances -- she's pregnant and looking to finish working by February -- and trying to ditch me, basically. She's already declaring I won't be ready by then, after THREE lessons, and trying to push the idea that I should switch to her replacement she's arranging sooner rather than later. I thought later made more sense, since then I could get all the basics down first rather than interrupt things when I'm just getting familiar with them.

Retrospectively I'm pretty sure she wants rid now and just doesn't want to teach me. I'm pretty sure it makes no sense to push switching at the current time for my sake.

So, ten minutes wasted already. She drove us to a very nearby estate, not like the places that have been a good ten minutes out on previous occasions. She has always included this time, and the time to do her notes at the end, in the hour that I'm paying for.

We went through the processes of turning corners and junctions in her book, which took a few more minutes. More than was necessary, tbh, because she insists on me echoing back basic fucking obvious information and treating me like a child rather than someone with a competent intellect. Then we put in some time doing turns. Went fine.

Then, she stops me EIGHTEEN minutes before the end of the hour, and says we're going back. We haven't done junctions yet, which we covered at the start of the lesson in the book. I am very much wtf what is happening and puzzled about this and although I don't say anything, I would think visibly surprised that we are wrapping up now.

It takes ~5 minutes or less to drive back to my place, where she sits to do her little dissection in her workbook, which consists as always of telling me where I was shit at things in the same breath as sideways comments on my confidence and suggesting in various ways that I'm a slow learner. All of which she sits and waits for me to agree with before she'll move the discussion onward, in a way that really winds me up.

I said that I didn't feel I did very much this week, compared to say last week. I questioned why we hadn't done junctions. She gets all defensive and starts going on about too many cars being parked by the side of the road, so that I'd find it difficult at my level of skill. In various back and forth she comes out with something about "well, we can drive on the big roads next week if you like" -- which is blatant taunting/mockery knowing that I don't want to do that, aren't ready to do that, and is clearly only meant for me to have to say no and take me down a peg. Then despite having said that the reason we didn't do junctions was a physical one, she leaves off on "well, we can only progress as quickly as you can learn" -- yet AGAIN giving me sideways shit about calling me slow.

Cue me spending the rest of the day in a rage because I'm paying £24/hour to someone who doesn't give me an hour of their time -- probably about 45 minutes this week, if it hadn't been for the Great Debate -- and mostly returns that in belittlements while simultaneously implying that my lack of confidence is the biggest problem.

I'm pretty much at the conclusion she wants rid of me and wants me to go to her replacement. And for me? Fine, she's won. This is bullshit. I'm sick and tired of her. The actual physical instruction part while I'm driving, I'm very comfortable with and loath to switch, but it's not worth it for the shit I get in the dissection of the lesson at the end, her lack of support and confidence and respect for me, and the fact that she isn't even giving me the fucking hour I'm paying for.
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( Sep. 30th, 2016 10:38 pm)
Pleased to have managed to finish a story for the darkfic exchange. Still needs an edit, and it'll never be the best thing I've written, but I think it's passable and interesting and even if it took a month to write less than 10k, at least I'm writing again. Troubled Tales next.

Also pleased with 3rd driving lesson, wherein I practiced gear changes and steering along the country roads a few miles outide town where I've ridden my bike in the past. Next week I am promised junctions and corners in the housing estate.

I've probably managed to freeze enough fruit to make two batches of wine, though it's less than I'd hoped for and it's starting to feel very much like the tail end of the season now. At least it's something. Maybe I can still manage to grab some hawthorns as well, or get enough rhubarb from the allotment to try that. Still need to bottle 2 of the batches of flower wines from spring.
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( Sep. 12th, 2016 10:48 am)
I somehow managed to stumble through setting up and promoting Troubled Tales despite the things going on in my personal life. I have a few thousand words written on the opening for fics for that and the darkfic exchange, and I've signed up for Spook Me to write another instalment of the Audrey/Duke/Nathan series. I don't know if things will resume as before with fandom, but I'm still picking away at it. I had to default on Rare Pair, but will hopefully finish that (projected to be quite long) fic at a later time.

I've made it through the weekend that would have been the annual major holiday I spent going around places with dad (Heritage Open Days), the days I'd booked off work well in advance to do that. I have a driving lesson today. :/

I'm really tired of people telling me how terrible things are as if that is in any way a helpful thing to say when I am the one who is living inside it and has to try and make something of this situation and reinstate some sort of actual life. (Do not reply to this post with any variation of 'But it is terrible' as the person I expressed this sentiment to IRL did yesterday. I mean, for fuck's sake. Basically: things are difficult enough without that kind of exterior negative reinforcement from people who have far less emotional involvement in the situation. I'm not looking to hold it against people who mean well but when I literally just said 'Don't'...)

Haven's fanfiction exchange has returned! Sign ups until 31st August.

Sign ups will be open a little longer than planned as my connection kicked me off and wouldn't let me back online last night when I was trying to give this a last promotion. Last chance to sign up today!
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( Aug. 24th, 2016 10:36 pm)

Haven's fanfiction exchange has returned! Signups until 31st August.
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( Aug. 24th, 2016 09:58 pm)
I bought myself a DAB/DAB+ radio to keep me company in the flat without having to have a computer on or use the CD player and involve having to make choices.

So far, Radio 6 is pleasing me, but it's only been an afternoon. It's years since I've listened to the radio at all regularly.
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( Aug. 14th, 2016 07:27 pm)
I am setting up Troubled Tales 2016. (You can sign up now, if you want to, I think most of the details are ironed out.)

I have two writing deadlines in about a week: WIPbigbang and Rare Pair. It'll be interesting in the current circumstances to see if I manage to make either.

My darkestnightx assignment is rather wonderful.


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