Large version here | Very large version here

5x19 - Grope-zombies.

This came out of wanting to have Charlotte and Audrey central to the picture -- last chance for Charlotte and really not enough Audrey in these so far -- but also still have some humour. (And I mean, it's pretty much all there on that promo pic that was floating around, where Nathan's expression looks exactly like he's just been groped by a zombie...)

Anyway, yesterday I wasn't sure if I was going to have time to do any work on Photoshop today, and I'd only finished the menfolk, so I also saved a version with just Nathan and Dwight, which I rather like. Thus, two cartoons this week.

Large version here | Very large version here

There's also a textless version here (And a larger one)

5x18: In the Cards - Nathan navigates the Troubled Tarot.

Larger version here

I'm really pleased with this one. :D
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( Oct. 9th, 2015 10:43 am)
First impression: 5x14 was good, better than the episodes at the end of last season that preceded it IMHO. 5x15 had some plot holes but at least rest under cut tag for spoilers ).
Full version of last week's cartoon:

Here are the three panels as separate pieces: Charlotte/Dwight | Audrey/Nathan | Mara/Duke

It's entirely possible that the scope of this was always beyond my drawing ability/drawing style to convey, but I think that as things go it... does not suck.

Three Factions - Haven 5x11 cartoon. Based on Hagar’s metaphor of Haven splitting into three factions composed of Battle Queens and their Chosen Warriors.

This is late and has no shading, but will be released as three separate finished panels (bigger, because these are cropped to fit the size of the previous) sometime next week.

Sorry, I know there are comments to answer but I've just spent hours trying to finish this and now I need to go fall over.


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