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( Jul. 11th, 2015 11:16 pm)
Wiped myself out at the allotment today. 4 hours. Bath. food. Day gone. Managed to write another few thousand words and to finish the title pic this morning, though.

Thinking about fic titles, because I've been thinking how much input the titles of my current Evil Babies -- that's House Divided and Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld, the original one, have shaped the stories. Because both of those came along really early in the writing/planning process. So with Eurydice I was constantly reminding myself that the fic was MARA'S story, who is both Orpheus genderflipped searching for William, as well as Nathan's Eurydice, and I love Nathan insanely -- he doesn't have to be being nice for me to love him -- but Mara's situation was the centre point. With House Divided, the title really has determined how all the fractures play out in the plot, and I wanted Audrey vs. Mara, which the show said it wanted but never really ever did do, so the division shot through the fic is both the one in MarAudrey's brain and Nathan and William's counter intentions and affections pulling in opposing directions.

SO how about a titles meme?

Came part and parcel with the idea for the story: 5 Times Jordan McKee Killed Nathan Wuornos. Ha. Ha. Hahahaha. House Divided, the minute I knew I wanted to write a sequel. Down. Sky Haven pretty much WAS the inspiration for that one, and I didn't want to call it that because I already had Cape Haven, but I didn't have any other ideas and it was so intimately connected I couldn't bring myself to do anything else.

Panic stations! The fic is ready to post/I have to post this tomorrow and I don't have a title: Cape Haven. I hate that I had to call it that. Gotta be a better freakin' name for a superhero AU out there. Also Men Fear to Tread... I was still debating the title as I posted.

I have to call it something and it might as well be that: Redemption of Killers and Rogues acquired that title really early on and nothing better ever came up. Trail of Evidence. Breathe. Most of the meme ones. A lot of the pinch hits and fic exchange ones.

LordKingBadTitle: The Great Looney Tunes Caper of 2010 sucks donkey balls. Most of my One Piece titles are bad because the fics were written for the anonmeme and often didn't have titles originally, and generally I think I was having a sucky patch with titles.

Loaners (suggested by my beta reader/my mum/some guy I accosted on the street/the cat): Katta suggested Il Seraglio for the Luffy-trying-to-get-Sanji-out-of-the-harem fic.

Title that makes me glee like an idiot: Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld, Trigger, and Pinocchio is Bleeding. Maybe 5 Times Jordan McKee Killed Nathan Wuornos, but not because it's clever, just because it makes me snigger. Mister Niska and the Ancient Art of Marriage Counselling. William the Bloody Useless and the Beaker of Doom? Back on a serious note, Theatre of the Absurd (which is also both darkly punny and integrally connected to the story's early inspiration).

Punny: Twisted was meant to be a play on Tangled. I guess Pinocchio is Bleeding and Trigger are punny, in a dark way. Containment Integrity. Stone Cold Killer. The Naked Truth... suddenly I'm realising I have more of these than I thought.

One worders that don't suck: I think Trigger is fucking genius. :P Silencer isn't bad and Unbreakable, Risen and Desperation are all titles I'm happy with. Waxwork is an old one I'm really happy with. (Fix sucks, though. Inertia sucks. And most of the Firefly titles suck - I came up with them all in too short a time frame.)

Best attempt to break AO3's character limit: Four Times Nathan or Duke got Caught in the Crossfire (& one time they didn't) is the wordiest. But I'm often fairly wordy.

Working title alternatives and "You can't call it that"s: I wanted the third installment of Unbreakable to be The Death of Nathan Wuornos, but after due mocking it's going to be Shattered. Pinocchio is Bleeding was a major, MAJOR "can I really call it this?" almost throughout the whole process, but it did get called that. Sea Change II was that for so long that I literally couldn't bring myself to name it anything else by the time it came to posting. Dwight Hendrickson and the Tigers From Mars got a lot of squinty-eyed looks but as soon as I thought of that it was doomed, DOOMED to be called that. There's no way I was changing it.

What does it meeeaaan?: Winter's Flotsam is the debris left after the snow melts. I am/was pretty sure. But googling it doesn't help much.

Literary Allusions/Song titles: I don't do the song titles (or lyrics, I think?) thing. Oh, wait, I do have one: Comfortably Numb. Scuppered by Pink Floyd. The Sky is Falling is the name of a science fiction book by Lester del Rey that I read multiple times as a teenager.
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( Jan. 1st, 2015 09:12 pm)
Last year's meme is here:

I'll do this about the stories that got posted in 2014, some of which were written in 2013. There are several stories that I wrote in 2014 that are as-yet-unposted but I'll leave those for the future so people will have some idea what I'm talking about.

Total Stories: 21
Total Het Stories: 2
Total Slash Stories: 6
Total Femslash Stories: 0 (2 if you count the polyamory fics with a f/f component)
Total Three or Moresome Stories: 6
Total Gen Stories: 7
Total Fandoms Written In: 2 (Haven, 3x3 Eyes)
Total Word Count: 279,000... at least, that's what a quick count gets. Idk if it's right, that sounds like a lot.

fics posted this year )

I wrote/posted a ridiculous amount this year. And okay, that is going to change next year. I am going to get out more. ;)

Favorite story of my own: Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld is hands-down my evil baby of this year. Just being able to go all the places with that which I wanted to go, and take Nathan and Mara to other worlds, and address all the tangle of darkness lying between them, and make it epic and operatic and... SFX heavy in ways that could never work on the screen.

My best story of the year: I am gonna go for Redemption of Killers and Rogues because I think it does something and fulfils something and goes a place where fiction frequently fails to go. And after vaguing it up completely I will say that there's a message in media that we need to say Fuck You to more often, and that's this idea of a woman who is "damaged goods" in some way - which is itself an artificial definition decided by others - having no path but to die karmically or die in the twist of redemption. Screw that. Redeeming is about living and meaning and intending and doing. And that's the rage this fic was trying to capture. Reserve is my most popular by kudos, The Naked Truth by hits. The hits to kudos ratio of Redemption and a few others is far better though.

My story most underappreciated by the universe: Eeeeh, nothing did badly. I would have liked if Eurydice got more attention because it feels like people have been asking me to write Audrey/Nathan for an age. Then again, probably those requests weren't anticipating the William element, and anyway, the reason I don't generally write Audrey/Nathan is because I think it's a foregone conclusion that people won't like my approach to it. I think there are levels of obsession and need and manipulation in there, which isn't to say that it can't work as a pairing for me, but if you want fluff ... no.

It's something of a puzzle to me why The Great Looney Tunes Caper didn't fare better, not that it did horribly, but it's OT3 and just my general impression is that that is more popular. Perhaps it's the ugliness and out-thereness of the Duke and Nathan characature versions in the cartoon world. Which I guess is hard to romanticise and sexy.
Hong Kong Monster Tales on account of 3x3 Eyes has no fandom. ;_;

My most fun story: Tie between The Great Looney Tunes Caper and The Naked Truth? OMG, but then there was Cape Haven this year, as well, wasn't there? I had so much fun with the superhero AU. And the Yuletide treat I wrote in one day. (Reserve is also pretty funny. So five out-and-out comedy/parody stories this year. That's a lot for me.) Actually I think I'll go for Looney Tunes on this one because the cartoons came hand in hand with that fic, and I'm still having huge fun with those months later, and the cartoons would never have happened at all without this story.

My sexiest story: Squared. Ahahahaha. All the people signed up for Troublesfest and I ended up being the one to write explicit foursome porn. Which kind of amuses me when I think about it. I'd never written a foursome, never thought about how one would write or negotiate a foursome. I just dove in, into the porn as well as everything else. I didn't have time to think. It was a pinch hit. I just wrote.

Story with single sexiest moment: I like the Duke/Nathan relationship in Risen. There's a moment when they're kissing in public, when Duke grabs Nathan on the front of the car and pulls him in... there are a few moments in that fic.

Story with single sweetest moment: Perhaps not what this question's anticipating, but I like the moment in Nathan Wuornos' Winter Vacation when the old vagrant saves Nathan's life then reveals he wouldn't share with him the waste turkey. There's the moment in Ghost Town where Evi's just gone and Duke and Nathan are reunited after spending the whole story apart. Squared has a few moments between Jen and Nathan that I like: Duke trying to persuade Jen that Nathan's a pudding.

Most unintentionally *telling* story: I have no freakin' clue. I'd guess that if you take Redemption of Killers and Rogues and Nathan Wuornos' Winter Vacation and maybe The Naked Truth and Breathe there are things - smaller things, not the most dramatic things in the case of the first two - about me, my experience of the world, and my beliefs that you can divine from those stories, each in vastly different ways.

Holy crap that’s *wrong*: Now I have to weigh up the comparative levels of wrongness of Eurydice, Redemption and Risen, and they all have pretty big stakes in this area. Risen horrified my betas, so maybe that one. It has that element of partner-inflicted dubious consent which I would guess is a hard one to take on. But then Redemption starts with a brutal rape scene and Eurydice is all about compromised consent on multiple levels.

Most disappointing story: Uhm... I have no real feelings for Reserve, which isn't to say that it's done disappointingly, it's actually more because it's done really well... but it kind of makes me squint and go "really? for serious?" every time it gets more kudos because it's such a disposable little crackfic and yet it's one of my most popular fics. And I think that's a sad statement on fandom, in a way. I guess it's cheerful and that's the divide from the longer stuff like Risen and Pinocchio is Bleeding that are also explicit slash and had so much more effort put in them. What's with people not liking my depressing messed-up fics? *blink*

Hardest to write: Euridyce's Adventures in the Underworld was the slog from hell. I badly wanted to write it, but it resisted all the way.

Easiest to write: Redemption of Killers and Rogues wrote itself in three days, Risen in about... either seven or eleven, I can't remember now. Whether you could say that was easy I am not sure, because they wrung me out emotionally pretty thoroughly. Particularly Redemption. I have two less demanding one-day stories, in Squared and Four TImes Duke or Nathan Got Caught in the Crossfire, so it might be more accurate to say one of those in terms of "easy", but they didn't sing like the other two.

This year’s theme and the story that demonstrates that: Polyamory. Nudity. Crack. Cartoons. Compromised consent. There's nothing that unifies it all, but I did write 4 different polyamory character sets in 6 different fics when I haven't really written a lot of that before, I guess the poly wins out as the major new theme of the year.

What story do you want to have written: The one I'm writing right now, because it's due for a fic exchange and OMG *flail*. Other than that, Sea Change IV and the ending to the 100+k Nano novel.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year? Finish the Nano 2013 novel. Dammit.

I want to say something about Winter's Flotsam because it hasn't caught a mention here but I really like that fic, like the idea of someone becoming confident in sex as an escape from the real world and salve against suicide. Like the idea of Dwight/Nathan in general and would really like to write more of that. And also I want to mention Twisted, which is Sea Change III and resisted the writing process hard and got so damn dark, but I'm proud of it, for not going to obvious places.

EDIT: Missed one. I posted Hong Kong Monster Tales in April, even though it was written a few years ago now. So that makes it two fandoms.
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( Oct. 15th, 2014 08:58 pm)
Sequels to Squared, Sea Change (IV), Pinocchio is Bleeding (it's called A Toy Story. I'll finish it someday), and Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld (it's called House Divided and I also really, really want to finish it one day) haven't come along a hell of a lot since I last wrote one of these posts a month ago.

I did write 18,000 words of traumatic Nathan and Garland pre-canon R-rated gen (Trigger), while I was away at the end of September, and I've been editing that, and I've been editing Pirate Trouble trying to hack it away from its origin as an Unbreakable side-story since it no longer fits, and I've by now typed most of Unbreakable #3.

I'm 8000 words into the [personal profile] spook_me fic that's gonna top out at somewhere between 20 and 30k so I seriously need to get working on that, as it's due in about 2 weeks. I have a horrible feeling that an upcoming episode is going to get the jump on the plot thread I'm writing for Nathan.

Rest of editing pile:
Nexus (Jess/Nathan)
27 Years Bad Luck (Mirrorverse!fic)
Nathan Wuornos' Winter Vacation

Rest of WIP pile:
Nano 2013 novel
Monster's Ball (Jordan, Dwight, Nathan crackfic)
Cube (genfic long abandoned, but it cropped up in conversation again the other day)
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( Aug. 10th, 2014 07:54 pm)
Exchange fic #1 is in beta and is TOP SECRET.

Exchange fic #2 is written and now typed in draft and is TOP SECRET.

Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld is in beta and I'm hoping to post it later this week.

I desperately need to get back to Risen (Unbreakable #2) and fix the stuff that needs fixing, since this one has already been beta'd and therefore could theoretically be posted at any time, as soon as I wrap my head around this.

27 Years Bad Luck is 36,000 words of a dubcon mess. It's an OT3 fic set after the Magic Hour two parter where evil duplicates of Duke and Nathan make everything very uncomfortable for the main trio. Dwight's a main character in this, too. It has been in beta for a year. This does not look set to change in the next month, because I'm finishing off too many things that need to be out on a deadline.

Shattered (Unbreakable #3) is not typed but getting that done is looking to be my project for the upcoming week. It's not going to hit before the new season starts, because FREAKIN' LONG, but I'd like it to not be delayed by too much. [EDIT: did I ever mention I finished this one and it comes in at about 63k?]

I don't know when Pirate Trouble will land. I love it to bits but what anyone else will think of it I have no idea. It's pretty much noncon kink that messes with masochist!Nathan.

I want to save Nathan Wuornos' Winter Vacation to post at Christmas, but I'm a little afraid that everyone will have forgotten about the season 4 circumstances, then, by the time it lands.

Haven: A Toy Story (second half of Pinocchio is Bleeding) isn't finished, what's written so far isn't typed, and I still need to get back to this.

Nexus (Jess Minion/Nathan) is indefinitely in edit because it needs a lot of work and there's no push for timeframe, since no-one will read this one anyway.

There's an untitled Superhero AU thing... It's first person POV Nathan and more-or-less gen with the 6 person team of Nathan, Audrey, Duke, Jordan, Dwight, Jennifer. Also probably indefinitely in edit as there's no push for timeframe here and the prose will definitely need some sorting out.

Nano 2013 novel needs an ending writing. And I still really need to do that.

I have another Jordan, Nathan and Dwight gen called Monsters' Ball that I started writing, but IDK what will happen to this now. I still want to write more with that early s4 Troubles Team B, though.

Freaks & Wonders is another FMA gen fic about pre-canon Ed and Al investigating alchemical shenanigans at a circus, and at some point, I need to edit and post this, too.

As always, there are 3x3 Eyes fics, and there are Jake 2.0 fics. There's even a Dark Angel fic. Although some of this stuff is so old by now I don't know if I'll ever post it.
My ridiculously humongous take-over-your-brain fic is now at ~48,500 words, ie. just shy of NaNoWriMo in less than 2 weeks. I am astonished. I'm also getting to the stage where I would like my brain back. But the bulk of the story is finished. The conclusion/wrappup will probably take about 10-15,000 words.

So basically this thing is a novel.

Also, I think that there is no good way to seriously handle Audrey in writing a Duke/Nathan dynamic post season 3 if you're not willing to go the route of fluffily pairing her up with someone else. I will offend someone deeply with this no matter what I do.

This changes things in terms of posting goals and schedules. So I think what will happen is this:

Redemption of Killers and Rogues is the Jordan & the Crockers fic and will be posted as soon as I have my brain back.

Fics I want to get out before season 5 starts:
Eurydice's Adventures in the Underworld (the Mara fic.)
Risen (Unbreakable #2)
Shattered (probable title, Unbreakable #3, ie. monster evilfic mentioned above.)
Also there will be 2 challenge fics in this time that I haven't written yet. *flails*

Pirate Trouble will get indefinitely bumped to when there's a decent amount of space between it and the Unbreakable stories to post it because it's basically a bonus crack fic vaguely stemming off that timeline but actually dealing with stuff that is now dealt with in Unbreakable #3. Just dealing with it more crackily.

Nathan Wuornos' Winter Vacation I'm probably going to hold onto and post as a Christmas fic.

27 Years Bad Luck HAS to get posted in here somewhere, probably after all the stuff that really has to be put out in the next 2-3 months, because it's been hanging around forever.

I can't even remember everything else I've written... hang on. There's Nexus (Jess Minion/Nathan), the Superhero AU, and I'm pretty bloody sure that there's something else I've forgotten. Ah yes. The other novel. The one that's about 120k. And still not finished. It's entirely possible those won't land until next year.

I write too much. *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*
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( Feb. 14th, 2014 09:25 pm)
Part 1 of the Duke/Nathan WIP is going to be about 30,000 words. I'm on about 25,000 now and there's still the wrappup and the smut at the end to write. I don't know how the hell it got this long, because it doesn't really feel like I've done more than pick at it in 500 words bites, except for the smut in the middle which I wrote in one session, heh. I think there will be some trimming involved in the editing process. It has been kind of hard feeling like I'm selling this idea in the telling, because it's a bit wacky and out-there, so the journey might have been a bit more meandering than usual.

I was going to have Part 1 and Part 2 be the same fic, but if it's going to be this long I might have to think about it being a series. (I always get the feeling nobody reads the novel-length stuff...) A series of two.

I need to think of a title that uses 'Pinocchio' in it somewhere.

It's another Duke POV, fwiw, like Body Parts and Silencer. But this one is NC17 slash. Setting the balance for Unbreakable and sequels being entirely Nathan POV, probably. My brain does things like that. Also IDK why has Duke so far got all the gens? And all the kinda weird, funny, wtf ones, for that matter. Maybe it's something about his POV.

I have to decide whether to break and write something else when I've finished Part 1 or to dive straight into Part 2. The danger there is that Part 2 might never get written. On the other hand, if I get very frustrated with it by trying to carry on after the 30k slog through Part 1, it also might never get written. Plus it'd give Part 1 time to get typed and to simmer.

Question is what I could tackle in the meantime. Sea Change IV (pirates???)? Something Jordan (may still be too soon: just wrote three four counting the little one)? Something else? Sometime want to tackle Audrey/Duke/Nathan properly again. OR I COULD ALWAYS FINISH THE DAMN NOVEL AND/OR THE JESS MINION THING DAMMIT.

I kinda want Wade/Jordan/Nathan. It popped into my head today. It would not be a nice fic. OMG brain, why?

If I never write Part 2, Part 1 would still be a complete story. People might not necessarily find it a comfortable or happy story, but it'd still have a distinct ending.

Meanwhile in not-fanfic-blather: Watching season 4 of Boston Legal. Alan and Denny! ♥ And I am reading the new Simon Green Hawk & Fisher novel. And I might watch some more Walking Dead season 1 tonight because zombies and gore kinda encapsulates my feelings about Feb 14th.


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