[Large] Further to this pair of images. The companion to this one will be the opening scene from Shattered, with Duke carrying blood-covered Nate, if I can pull it off.

This is the rat Trouble from Reserve, or another Trouble very much like it.
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( Feb. 3rd, 2016 07:06 pm)

Vicki: I found the right hand!

Gloria: Aw, piss.

[Ten minutes later Dwight will come in and stutter incoherently at the idea of the baby being there and Vicki will look crestfallen and protest, “But he loves the jigsaws best!”]

Happy 2016!

Large version | Very large version

In my headcanonland this is a new year maybe a week post finale and that is why Duke is so exhausted he's collapsed along with lightweights Nathan and Audrey.

Howard: "Bitch, please."
Nathan: "Ohshit."

I was hoping to actually manage to draw a decent picture of Audrey sometime this year. And oh look! Someone on Haven that's not white! I did this in full colour first before deciding to mimic the episode format, so here you go, alt version.

Haven 5x22: If that thinny hadn’t opened up again.

(Nathan: “You couldn’t have made it look like a garden shed?”

Large version here

5x21: In which Hailie inadvertantly starts an epic slash war with Audrey by deciding to ship Duke on Top.

Very large version here

Haven 5x20. “There were a few more stipulations with the letter, Mr. Crocker…”

Large version here | Very large version here

Large version here | Very large version here

5x19 - Grope-zombies.

This came out of wanting to have Charlotte and Audrey central to the picture -- last chance for Charlotte and really not enough Audrey in these so far -- but also still have some humour. (And I mean, it's pretty much all there on that promo pic that was floating around, where Nathan's expression looks exactly like he's just been groped by a zombie...)

Anyway, yesterday I wasn't sure if I was going to have time to do any work on Photoshop today, and I'd only finished the menfolk, so I also saved a version with just Nathan and Dwight, which I rather like. Thus, two cartoons this week.

Large version here | Very large version here

There's also a textless version here (And a larger one)

5x18: In the Cards - Nathan navigates the Troubled Tarot.

Larger version here

I'm really pleased with this one. :D

Seth insisted on stopping off to investigate a location on the way to Haven. Duke is not impressed.

There's a version without the speech bubbles here. I'm still not sure which I prefer.

5x16: Vince and Dave in charge of the scales of Haven justice… What was Dwight thinking?

Very large version: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/roseveare/716494/876870/876870_900.png

Also, detail crops because some of the characters are so small on this: behind the cut )

I've been wanting to draw Vince Teagues for ages, tbh.
Yes, they are back. Although the show makes things hard for me by showing two eps together. Very aware that if I didn't hurry up on this one I wasn't going to have time to draw another.

If Nathan had been a split second quicker. (Duke: "What is this, Nathan? The last five minutes of the chick flick?")
This was my first entry for [community profile] fan_flashworks, which I joined 1) to try and get back into practice with the cartoons, and 2) to get enough images together for another fanart post on AO3 before season 5 resumes.

Duke, Nathan and Audrey encounter a floating Trouble.

tiny distant Audrey stands on the ground watching Nathan clinging to a street light pole and Duke clinging on to Nathan while the Bronco and one of Duke's shoes float away with several unfortunate Haven citizens and a random cat

In honour of this weekend’s Tour de Yorkshire and the blue and yellow bikes that are decorating roadsides all over my region in recent weeks, Haven trio on bicycles.

Duke and Nathan have been making this ride a competition the whole way and now Nathan is steering Duke into a puddle while Audrey is totally going to get home first.

I am never drawing a bicycle on photoshop again. No, really. I saved a file of just the bike template as about 30 different layers so I never have to.

I am wondering if it's time to do another art dump collection on AO3. I did one for the season 5 cartoons and there were 13 (15) in that, and surely I've done at least a dozen since, not counting all the HavenPotter/Havenwarts duplicates with different coloured scarves.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2015 08:24 pm)

Sketchy thing prompted by various Haven AU discussions on Tumblr. Although I think that those are mutant horses and I realy need to start using reference when I draw rather than relying on the fact I used to be pony mad due to being fed on horse books as a little girl and drew a million of them back when I was 10 years old.


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