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( Dec. 25th, 2014 09:56 am)
I got an awesome Yuletide story crammed full of my favourite Nathan-overwhelmed-by-sensation!kink:

Bone-Deep by Anonymous for roseveare
Fandoms: Haven
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Pairing: Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Summary: If Nathan was Duke and Duke Nathan, where did one end and the other begin?

It's set during the bodyswap episode, so explores that factor plus Duke's out-of-control Trouble as well as Nathan temporily being able to feel both the good and the bad things that are happening to the body he's in... plus Yuleporn. ;)
[personal profile] alessandriana asked for Haven recs. There might be more comprehensive recs lists later in December but I'm going to start here with recent fics on AO3 that I've particularly enjoyed.

Aches by Jadzibelle (!unfinished)
Current WIP that claims most of my fic-reading interest. It has 18 chapters and is 50k long already. A canon-divergent look at Duke and Nathan's return to Haven with Jennifer in season 4. Lots of warmth and friendship and occasional fights with indications of building up to something more.

Of Sea Monsters and Safety by embolalia
A Duke and Nathan as children fic with a bit more depth than the usual cuteness and scrapping.

Five Times People Were Utterly Oblivious to Their Relationship and One Time It Was Too Obvious to Ignore by lovesrogue36, Rabbitt
Awesome 5 Things style fic with misunderstandings of the Audrey/Duke/Nathan relationship from various Haven townsfolk, with a bit of action and a bit of humour and a bit of sexytimes thrown in.

I'm Your Boogeyman by Miah_Arthur
I can't recommend this one enough. I'm biased, because I beta-read it, but I love it to bits. This is Miah's Halloween fic for spook_me, when we were both knocking ourselves out to try and finish spook_me at the same time. Haven people are disappearing in their sleep after getting a specific nightmare; Nathan has the nightmare and determines to fix the Trouble when he's taken. But Duke's next in line and when Nathan comes a cropper trying to save him, everything's down to Duke.

this night that is past by whiplash
Cute mid-season 5 Naudrey plus Duke friendship where Nathan is sick.

begging at happiness' door by whiplash (!unfinished)
This is the first chapter of a WIP that hasn't been updated in some time, but even chapter 1 hits such an awesome concept and potential that I can't not mention it here.

Lavender by audreythree
Duke/Jennifer drabble, season 5. I cannot say anything about it without spoiling it, other than ow.

Issues of Consent and Old Lovers by lovesrogue36
Duke/Mara/Nathan porn. Yeah. Just that. *whistles innocently*

Theseus and the Minotaur by Miah_Arthur
Haven acts out Greek Mythology, Duke is caught up in the plot, Dwight is somewhat baffledly trying to make sure he doesn't get harmed in the process while getting distracted by the sight of Duke in a robe. Duke/Dwight.
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( Nov. 2nd, 2014 09:07 pm)

Illustration for Miah_Arthur’s fanfic “Karma” and my pending podfic of it.

Not a kidfic. They are holding back their childhood selves.

Much larger version on Deviantart here:
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( Nov. 1st, 2014 11:50 pm)
Miah's Halloween fic is also complete and you should all go read it now:

I'm Your Boogeyman by Miah_Arthur

Summary: "A monster stalks and tortures people in their dreams for days before they disappear, only to reappear later suffering sudden cardiac arrest. For a month there are no leads and no hope, until first Nathan and then Duke begin having the dream."

M rated for gore. Featuring Nathan's hero complex biting him in the ass and Duke getting terrorised into playing with dolls. Duke/Nathan-ish. OT3ish.
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( Oct. 24th, 2013 08:15 pm)
Okay, I'm not impartial. Because it's [personal profile] katta and we collude about how to make our favourite characters suffer, and speculate evilly on things like how Nathan's Trouble really functions or the alone-time Duke would require on his boat if he got turned into a girl. But, look! Plotfic! And Haven needs more plotfic*!

Eye to Eye by Kattahj
A Troubled thief is turning all of her victims temporarily blind, which makes the case difficult to investigate.

*I would argue that it needs more gen, too. Just because a fic is gen doesn't mean that two - or three - characters aren't still just a nudge off having sex. You know, like on the show! :D (It just means that the fic is choosing not to mention it.)


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