My Vid of Death is finished...

Final Song - Length: 3m13s, Size: 89.6MB, Format: MP4
Death in Haven, and all the little deaths in between.

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TITLE: Risen
AUTHOR: Roseveare
LENGTH: 29,000 words
SUMMARY: When Jordan turns up dead with Duke's brother suspected, the deal struck for Nathan's life with the Guard and his relationship with Duke are put under strain. But then it seems Jordan isn't going to take death lying down...
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.
NOTES: Sequel to Unbreakable, five episodes/a few weeks down the line post 4.6. This is essentially a remix of the mid-season arc with Jordan and Wade, because in my world Jordan's not gone, dammit, and I wanted grief and soul-searching from the boys after that screw-up, dammit, and nothing about canon Wade-as-serial-killer made sense (dammit).
NOTES #2: This is the middle installment of a trilogy, and I ask that people bear with the issues that remain unresolved in it, because a lot of things are building to be addressed in the third and final story.
WARNINGS: Accidental dubious consent, because Duke and Nathan are idiots. Some gore and violence.
THANKS: To Kattahj, Miah_Arthur and rheasilvia for beta input.

Risen )

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TITLE: Redemption of Killers and Rogues
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: 11,500 words
SUMMARY: Jordan survives Wade Crocker's descent into madness. Now she has to live with what she set in motion. Jordan/Wade, Jordan & Duke.
WARNINGS: Rape, violence.
NOTES: Anti-deathfic. Still not a nice fic. I have aggressive thoughts about the symbolic rape of that knife going in and female characters who only get to be 'redeemed' in victimhood and death.
THANKS: To Kattahj and Miah_Arthur for beta-reading.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Redemption of Killers and Rogues )
I spent a large chunk of the last three days writing a Jordan McKee story. (It's like 9 or 10k so it's not that huge a feat, but it dropped on me unexpected.) It might be, in a very slight way which is open to interpretation, a Jordan McKee/Duke Crocker story, which is something I've tried to do before (stalled), because they have an interesting antagonistic relationship which is mostly about the hearsay of "I don't like your friends" vs "I don't like your family" rather than either of them actually having had any meaningful interaction or conversation with each other to get more than a superficial clue who the other is. Of course, he shot her and she effectively led his brother to his doom because of the above, so there's history now. Anyway, it's definitely a Jordan McKee & Duke Crocker story.

cut for season 4 spoilers and dark subject matter )

I did not expect to be hit by this harsh a take on the issues involved when I started writing. Jordan did bad things, but she's also suffered, and fandom is generally kinder to her than this. I think I've been kinder to her in every other story I've written.


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