After Forever is a Haven fanfiction exchange to explore post-finale or alternate finale possibilities!

This is a fic exchange done a little bit differently. As well as requesting and offering pairings and characters, we will use a set of freeform tags to build 'recipes' for preferred alternate finale scenarios or just to explore what happened in the context of where canon left us when the final(e) credits rolled.

Examples are too spoilery to provide but you can view the tag set here.

Troubled Tales will run again later in the year as a fic exchange with a broader purview, but in the meantime, I thought this exercise of a small exchange might help us out with some post-finale closure.

I am a little later promoting this than planned, but there is still plenty of time to sign up! Sign ups end 31st March. Assignments will be due in May. Fics only need to be 1000 words minimum.

Sign up for After Forever


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