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( Jun. 24th, 2016 10:56 am)
Well. May we live in interesting times, I guess.

Just to emphasize the point that despite the arguments given prominence in the media, many people have been quoting reasons to vote Brexit that were nothing to do with immigration, insularity and racism. I'm really not politically minded enough to get into arguments or specifics (in fact I'm going to remove commenting on this post) but I've been around a variety of opinions, including those of various more hippy and alternative groups and rural communities connected with farming, who all had their own reasons to want to break with Europe and its regulations. Please don't throw all Brexit opinions into one box just because the media tried to make it about immigration foremost. There's no purpose in assigning the slither-more-than-half of the population who voted as indiscriminately bigots or idiots, as I keep seeing.

While it's not the result I'd voted for, we need to deal with it now as best we can. Damage control and not recriminations.


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