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( Jul. 9th, 2016 10:03 am)
It's an amazing feeling when someone kudoses or bookmarks or comments on one of the 3x3 Eyes fics. I wish that fandom actually had a fandom. ♥

I have at least 3-4 other fics I never posted in it, because nobody reads in it. But when this happens I start thinking that maybe I should budge myself into tidying and posting those. Even the one set late in canon after where the official translation ends and where we're onto the territory of uncertain fan translation and me reading my books in French and Japanese. (Which is totally the most interesting one I wrote anyway. Yakumo + the angry and hostile human science team meant to fight demons, and not on board for the existence of friendly ones.) I absolutely have one somewhere about Yakumo and Pai fighting a dragon in Tokyo, that was almost edited to posting standard, just was never the strongest fic concept of the batch.

Writing: Agent Carter again, can't tell you the pairing. :) Trying to figure out that post-finale Nathan/William fic I've wanted to write since the Haven finale. Picking at the original superhero novel that came out of the Cape Haven AU.
8th Dec: [personal profile] printfogey: Can you name two fandoms that truly surprised you, in a good way? Like you thought you knew what kind of book/comic/manga/show it would be the subject matter and tone, and then it turned out to either be about something quite different, or the way it treated the subject matter was way different from what it first seemed/what you had assumed.
Or maybe it was just unexpectedly good at what it was doing. Anything's fine!

I think you're kind of anticipating this one but I don't think I can not mention One Piece, because it looks insane, and I'd just been thoroughly turned off Shonen manga by the brain-sucking monstrosity that is Naruto (I think I got as far as time-skip, missing out a number of episodes on the way and then just... couldn't be bothered. I mean, I fucking love Gai and Lee and I didn't actually mind Naruto himself, but it's pretty obvious there are a zillion characters and the creator's interest is mostly focused on the atrociously uninteresting ones and the fandom is only focused on Sasuke). So yeah. I think I started watching because I was reading TvTropes and discovered Luffy had a similar power to Reed Richards, and the body horror/body modification stuff is always interesting to me. It looked completely nuts and I watched a few clips on YouTube and then I watched a few fight scenes and montages and then before I knew it I was watching the whole thing in order.

What I seriously, definitely wasn't expecting from the design of the characters and the general tone and the colours and the crazy was to discover this was actually A Show To Take Very Seriously. Which could and frequently did reduce it's audience to pathetic sobbing. And by the time you get to Nico Robin's backstory arc, really, there aren't enough tears in the world.

I think I watched most of the anime before I started reading the manga, on this one, but I can't be absolutely sure, it was a few years ago now.

I don't think there's another that's Surprising on the same level. I didn't expect Haven to take over my brain the way it did. I didn't expect Firefly to be worth the hype. I didn't have any expectations going into Fullmetal Alchemist (the first anime) because I'd never watched an anime that had that much emotion in it before and the hero was... kind of "eh, that's the hero?" and "like this is ever going to be anything I can take seriously? He's a freakin' tiny bad-tempered kid!" That was a very weird first-episode introduction, and that anime/manga are the nearest thing as damn it to fannish perfection for me now.

Maybe 3x3 Eyes? Because I think that time I was also TvTroping for body horror (it seems to be a thing I do when I'm between shows and in need of a fandom: I swear I don't know why, but horror in general doesn't draw me, I'm too fascinated by the supernatural IRL and I've watched/read too much profiler-type stuff to do more than doubt the psychology in slasher killers) and somehow stumbled across Yakumo's regeneration power, and it was a horror manga. I don't know if this was about the same time I was reading Franken Fran? I read a bunch of horror manga. So I was reading stuff that was pretty bloody and unyieldingly grim (though Franken Fran is pretty funny, too). And 3x3 Eyes? It's really bloody, but it's also really damn sweet. The characters are so earnest and well-meaning and essentially good and just adorable. The character designs are cute without being too unreal or overboard with it. The two main characters are a obviously a couple and they're a couple pretty much right the way through and tension isn't artificially derived from trying to split them up or engender misunderstandings between them... though there's so much going on that they don't actually get to consummate until almost the end of the series (that and there's the somewhat less amenable dual personality of the heroine, but it turns out they both love Yakumo in the end).

Anyway, it seems to turn a few things I'd got used to in shonen-ish manga/anime slightly askew and just be quite dissonent with the usual recipes of elements, and the heroes a lot more self-effacing and really just wanting to live normal lives rather than having great ambitions that they shout about a lot. I get the sense that Yuzo Takada kind of marches to his own tune? The other things of his that I enjoyed had a weird gentleness to them as well. (Shizume and Little Jumper. Didn't like the Blue Seed anime much, though, too much perving on the underage heroine.) And it is very bloody but most of that's Yakumo, who Gets Better (nb. healing factor: not so fun as you'd think it'd be), and toward the end it also gets very grim, and the ending isn't the happiest in the world, though it does have a sort of It All Ends Well Eventually clause. But I think this one felt more like an epic science fiction read for me than a manga, and especially than a horror or shonen manga. Felt like the stuff I used to borrow off my dad's bookself and curl up with when I was 14.

(There should be an anime of this one. It would kick ass. And then more people would get to be fannish about it. Yes.)

I don't know if this is the most helpful answer to the question, but there it is...

Now I want to re-read Franken Fran.
TITLE: Hong Kong Monster Tales
AUTHOR: roseveare
LENGTH: 13,000 words approx
SUMMARY: Yakumo returns to Yogekisha after his first year of travels, and swiftly finds himself put to work guarding demonic artefacts, ghostbusting for little old ladies, and desperately trying to side-step Ling-Ling's attempts to make him write for the magazine.
NOTES: Set a year into the first timeskip, between series of the anime or Vols 2 and 3 of the manga. Predates Tou-Chao and the summoning magic. This one started with the question of whether and how Yakumo might come to write for Yogekisha, and went off at a tangent from there.
DISCLAIMER: 3x3 Eyes belongs to Yuzo Takada and Kodansha, not mine, no profit, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Hong Kong Monster Tales )
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( Jul. 10th, 2011 07:31 pm)
More arts that I forgot to cross-post this last week!

Clicky little pic to get normal size version.

Bigger version:

From the Yuzo Takada manga Little Jumper. SPOILERS FOLLOW )

And this one is the big 3x3 Eyes pencil drawing that's been taking up my table for the past 2-3 months, finally finished!!!

Slightly bigger version, depending on screen size this one might be too big though, but it looked all right on my screen at home:

I really wanted an image of Ling-Ling in there from that moment of awesome when the rest of humanity is basically screwed but she's wallpapered herself with protective talismans, but in the end I think that's the bit that didn't quite work.

If I'd thought about this project in advance, Kali wouldn't have been on this and I'd have had Fei-oh the big monster because it deserves it, being awesome, darnit! But instead it came together rather piecemeal and unplanned, and I'd just re-read book 34 and really wanted to draw Kali's outfit at the time. And so.

This might get lined and coloured on Photoshop, if I have the patience.
TITLE: Girls' Night Out
AUTHOR: roseveare
RATING: high PG13
LENGTH: 11,000 words
SUMMARY: Yogekisha's latest case calls for skills from Yakumo's employment prior to "undead-bodyguard". Ling-Ling, Pai and Yakumo investigate a disappearance at a women-only nightclub.
NOTES #1: The obligatory cross-dressing Yakumo story. It's a casefile, though. ;) Thanks to [profile] kattahj for the beta!
NOTES #2: This is essentially a Yogekisha casefile fic, and although it IS set (rather vaguely) a few books further into the manga than the anime covers, it's probably perfectly readable if you've only seen the anime. I don't think there are any major spoilery references.
DISCLAIMER: '3x3 Eyes' is owned by Yuzo Takada and Kodansha. Not mine, no profit, yadda yadda yadda.

Girls' Night Out )
I guess I may as well cross-post recent drawings here. I think I've got better at this, but unfortunately, since I seem to be drawing little-known manga series that aren't available in English, I've not got much in the way of input from others on that. The obscure mangas in question are 3x3 Eyes and Tsukumo Nemuru Shizume ( 九十九眠る しずめ ) by Yuzo Takada. Mostly Shizume because I have been putting my creative energies for 3x3 Eyes into writing fanfic like crazy instead, and also because I really like playing with the striking visual of Toragen's/Kogenta Inui's later character design.

Big 3x3 Eyes pic still in progress:

Scruffy demon!Yakumo:

Shizume & Toragen:
Here's a really enormous one, because this thing is A3 size and the smaller version seems to lose the details:

first effort at 'inking' on the new table:

Please ignore the dragon... (I think they're interviewing someone for an investigation, but Shizume is distracted and probably Toragen is a bit, too...)

And three in progressing mediums:
"NOT a Ninja...!" (pencils)
"NOT a Ninja...!" (lined using photoshop)
"NOT a Ninja...!" (UNFINISHED coloured using photoshop)

Lastly, big black & white thing that I am pissed off with because I spent 4 days on it and I'm not happy how it turned out:
Man, I forgot to update this place in forever.

I have been reading a new manga (new to me, anyway, but actually old and completed back in 2002), 3x3 Eyes by Yuzo Takada. It is complete awesomeness! Fic is being written, and might find its way to getting posted here.

It features a hero whose main power is not-dying when the villains rip him to shreds and a girl with 3 eyes who's secretly a 300 year old demon. I posted a picspam post on LJ which gives a brief outline of what it's about, here:

I also went to Druid!Camp a few weeks ago, but I haven't talked about that on LJ either, so I'll not bother here. :D

I still need to finish my FMA_bigbang fic. Gah!


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