Oh, thank goodness. I just wrote the fic for the fic exchange I was getting seriously worried I wasn't going to be able to do, as I'd foolishly signed up for a small-fandom ficathon in a fandom I hadn't written in for 10 years.

I am swamped in all the ficathons I signed up to at the moment, but I am getting there, I think, and should be out the other side very soon.

Meanwhile, on the plus side! SSRConfidential is live and I got a brilliant gift fic, a case story set after the end of season 2 that fixes that cliffhanger of an ending then goes on to deliver more !adventures!:

Sometimes When We Touch - Peggy/Jack/Daniel, Strange as it was to admit it, he liked being around Sousa. Carter, too. He couldn’t really pinpoint when it was that their bickering got less pointed and more good-natured or why, but it was nice, even if they were the only people in the SSR who would dare to talk back to him with enough insubordination that any boot camp drill instructor would have kicked their asses to Japan and back if they had been in the Marines.

The quality of the fic I've read so far is exceptionally high and you can find 35 new Agent Carter stories here:

Go read!


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